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  1. Hiflyer

    Spinelli Prop on a Euro?

    Fish, Speed racer (Tony Wilson ) has been running Spinneli Props for years on his Euro (Ski Bottom), and pleased with their performance. They are quality props, but most were custom designed by the Spinneli Brothers for specific applications so although they may work well, there may also be tolerance for tweaking.
  2. Hiflyer

    Ocean's River Rocket

    Brandon , Is that Steering Wheel with the trim rockers a Mach unit or ???? Thanks ,Lloyd
  3. Hiflyer


    Eric, Randy Reinke (Aquaholic) a member of this board just listed his Euro/Merc 2.5/260 for sale on Scream and Fly, in the hulls 20' and under. Check it out, and give him a call. He runs a prop shop, known as the Prop Doctor outside of Branson ,Missouri. Shop Number is 417-779-3357. There are some pictures of his Euro on this board, in Readers Rides page 45, photo 2 & 3. Hope this helps. Lloyd
  4. Hiflyer


    Randy, Yep, Know that photo well, it was taken at Rumble on the River #1 @ White City, Ohio. The STV in the fore ground belongs to Mike Hurly who lives in Cinci, Didn't realize that was the Euro Adam purchased , I have other photos of the boat, and knew the former owner. I'll give you a shout this week. Lloydster
  5. Hiflyer

    2 Decal or Not 2 Decal?

    Went through the same deal with my Euro, the lines of the boat are clean ,and it seemed too busy with all the stickers, and they were in like new condition. Oh well, off came the Coat of Arms, and everything else but the STV on the sides. It truly is a personal preference, So Fish, Make it Your STV !!!
  6. Hiflyer

    how do stv`s handle the rough

    Welcome to the Best Web Site for Honest, Reliable, Input on one of the Coolest Rides on the Water !!! I've had the Euro on Lake Norman a couple of times,(Girlfriends Father lives in Davidson) the Coves , and up toward the north are Great Fun. Down south in the big open water isn't too bad until the wind really kicks up as it does there. As much good water is there, I would have No Problem with an STV . Besides, there are other Great Places within a reasonable tow, and thats part of the adventure to enjoy the STV. Grab a Ride/Drive in one , and You'll be hooked for sure ...... Yep, It'll Put a Smile on Your Face
  7. Hiflyer

    STV Pro Comp Drag

    Yep , It sure enough was slick. Remember that someone that knew the owner , posted the boat/trailer was meticulously cared for which justified the higher asking price.....
  8. Hiflyer

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    It's sitting in the shop @ Triad, and my understanding is, when Wally gets some time , it may happen.......
  9. Hiflyer

    NEW Forums

    Larry. Way Cool, Thank You for All the Time and Effort to Make such Improvements..
  10. Hiflyer

    Moving forums soon

    Larry, Your Do'n Great !! Really Appreciate the Effort ,and You Have Our Support !! Lloydster
  11. Hiflyer

    What MOTOR

    I would say that motor looks like a 1957 Evinrude Lark 35....
  12. Hiflyer


  13. Hiflyer

    big BIG props?

    Wayne, Prior to the heavy mods on the bottom of your Euro, was it a Ski, or ModVP bottom ?? Thanks for sharing the info..
  14. Hiflyer

    Recurve ECU on a Promax 300 SVS?

    Toffen, I suggest you send Tony Brucato an E:mail (tony@brucatosvs.com) for the real answer to your question. He is always willing to assist folks to go faster,solve problems and invest their money wisely. Lloydster
  15. Hiflyer

    Another STV coming to MB

    Way Cool ..Only other Euro I've seen with the Design on the nose, must have been a Minnesota thing, my boat was originally delivered there, I found it up by the Canadian Border in Wisconsin, now it lives in South Florida. You'll be the envy of all the go fast boaters on the lake....Thats Great !!