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  1. The boat and motor have 330 hours in fresh water only. It is in pristine condition, inside storage for the life of the boat. It was Wally Lampkin's first open bow. It was featured in a magazine when I bought it from him in 1999. I purchased a new 225 promax and he rigged it with a land and sea jack plate. It has hydraulic steering and a jammin stereo. I currently have a 25 pitch hi five prop that will pull skiers and still run 72 mph. I also have a 28 pitch over the hub exhaust prop and it will run 80 with that one. I have a single axle fast load aluminum trailer, cover, and all USCG e
  2. Need help from an expert. I have a 1999 225 pro max. It only has 335 hours on it in fresh water and looks new. About one year ago the electric fuel pumps started to become intermittent when i went to start it. I found out that if I took a small jump wire and grounded the outboard terminal of the fuel pump I could get the pump to run as long as the key was on. I did the diagnostic procedure in the maintenance manual and at the end it says the problem is either the fuel pump or the ECU. I sent the ECU off to Brucato Inc to be tested. They said they tested it many times and it was working
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