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    89 stv pro-comp for sale

    89 pro-comp for sale(ski bottom) boat is a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10 red and white with orange and yellow stripes momo wheel gaffrig 120 speedo merc 10,000 tach seat covers where just done to exact originals , even with the stv logo sewn into the back rests , 4 colors as well. billet passanger grab handle full cover dmi trailer with chrome wheels (black) 93 1/2 2.5 efi with a 2 hole cle motor has less than 20 hours since dwayne robberie rebuilt it . never welded and no steel sleeves . new starter. runs great ! boat has only been in fresh water and im the second owner , i bought it from a fellow forum member a year ago , but i need the room at the house . 10,900 or b.r.o. located in new hampshire thanks. ill take some pics tomorrow.
  2. pro-comp2.5

    What MOTOR

    93 1/2 2.5 efi ........89 procomp
  3. pro-comp2.5

    Pro Comp Transom Problems

    ggez, ive been out for a while and i see this thread............sorry to the guys having problem . im going to look at my 89 really close today , but i can say there is no cracking near the transom at all on the exterior, ill take a look at the indside and take a pic or two and share . mine has always had the motor bolted directly to the transom though...........i wonder if that is why some crack and some dont ?
  4. pro-comp2.5

    Trim Pump in a ProComp

    mines there too
  5. pro-comp2.5

    Hustler Trailer

    where? how much? color? style of wheels?
  6. pro-comp2.5

    Hey guys, I bought a EURO!

    toofastp, maybe you should register before coming in here and posting some info like you did. "if" the transome does need some work, so what? it does not make it junk because of it.............people have restored rotted out muscle cars, restored rotted out and cracked boats, and crashed units as well , no biggie ! you only mentioned the transom having issues so the rest of the boat must be ok or you would have mentioned it , so lets say your correct and it does have to be repaired properly, which can be done , so what ! some people,like myself, cant afford to go and buy a used hull for 10 grand and then a used motor for another 8 so they get something that may need some work . i lucked out when i bought my pro-comp with a 93 2.5 efi from a fellow forum member for reasonable money, but those deals are few and far between. we all appreciate input even if negitive, but you could have contaced adam in a more tasteful way and gave him a heads up, instead of just bashing....................
  7. pro-comp2.5

    14.5 x 26 Lightening ET clone 350.00 + shipping.

    randy, where did these props come from ??
  8. pro-comp2.5

    Hey guys, I bought a EURO!

    i found my procomp right here on stvowners.com !! thanks !!!!!!
  9. pro-comp2.5


    anthony, im going to do the run again this year as well, i cant wait to get this boat in the water ! i put 2500+ miles on my new snowmobile this year and now im ready for spring !!!!!!
  10. pro-comp2.5

    Transom access cover plate

    helmut, give triad a call, they have tons of the older stuff still in stock for the stvs. i even baought some of the original summerford decals from them.
  11. pro-comp2.5

    New guy questions

    a pro-max is a good choice along with the 2.5 efi . the pm is easier to use due to oil inkection and less smoke at idle , lol. i myself have a 93 2.5 efi and dont mind pre-mixing it . the promax is quieter as well...........
  12. pro-comp2.5

    New guy questions

    bill, the euro will take a 20" shaft and as for the motor it depends on what you want to do with the boat . ill bet everyone will pretty much say put a 2.5 efi on the back , but in reality you need to think about what your going to do with the boat . let the forum know what your plans are for it and im sure youll get the advice youll need to help you make your decision . welcome aboard !
  13. pro-comp2.5


    last year at the conn river run, and yes i bought a new cowl this year !
  14. pro-comp2.5


    i actually touched my stv today !! the snow is melting and its to the top of the trailer fenders now ! another month or so and ill be able to get it out of the back yard !!!
  15. pro-comp2.5


    procomp, go to www.hardcoresledder.com its the best cat forum for zr's and firecats and such, lots of info and great prices from the outdoor shop !!!