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  1. playin' boats

    STV Mooring Covers

    91 pro comp my son's Ken
  2. playin' boats

    STV Mooring Covers

    cover on my 91 STV mod vp Ken
  3. playin' boats

    Bottom Type

    will be starting rigging soon, having motor fined tuned,
  4. playin' boats

    Bottom Type

    frontal view pro comp had the wide inverted V
  5. playin' boats

    Bottom Type

    sold my 91 pro comp ski to my Son, bottoms are different
  6. playin' boats

    Bottom Type

    just purchased, built in June of 1991, Mod VP deck, light layup, Thanks , Ken C
  7. playin' boats

    STV - Pro Comp Ski

    Sorry Guys, Sold the first contact bought it. Thanks for looking, Ken
  8. playin' boats

    STV - Pro Comp Ski

    1991 STV - Pro Comp Ski Boat and Trailer no setup, no gauges 10 out of 10 $7000. Thanks, Ken Cook 941.628.8250
  9. playin' boats


    Hey Guys, have pro comp ski, heavy boat, with a 3.0L shorty OMC, running 10" setback now with non cut transom, feels like it needs to be closer, should I cut the transom? Thanks, Ken C
  10. playin' boats


    The Pic
  11. playin' boats


    Hey Guys, '91 Pro Comp with a Monty OMC 3.0L, 16" Taylor midsection. Just got it set up, to the water tomorrow, 10"set back, prop shaft 1/2" above the pad. running a 34" mazco cleaver. let me know if I going in the right direction? Will follow up with GPS reading and handling. Thanks, Ken C.
  12. playin' boats

    What LOWER UNIT?

    OMC w/ land and sea nose, added torque tamer
  13. playin' boats

    1996 summerford stv river rocket, no motor

    All it takes is just one ride.... Wasn't that a song. Ken C