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  1. will be starting rigging soon, having motor fined tuned,
  2. frontal view pro comp had the wide inverted V
  3. sold my 91 pro comp ski to my Son, bottoms are different
  4. just purchased, built in June of 1991, Mod VP deck, light layup, Thanks , Ken C
  5. Sorry Guys, Sold the first contact bought it. Thanks for looking, Ken
  6. 1991 STV - Pro Comp Ski Boat and Trailer no setup, no gauges 10 out of 10 $7000. Thanks, Ken Cook 941.628.8250
  7. playin' boats


    Hey Guys, have pro comp ski, heavy boat, with a 3.0L shorty OMC, running 10" setback now with non cut transom, feels like it needs to be closer, should I cut the transom? Thanks, Ken C
  8. Hey Guys, '91 Pro Comp with a Monty OMC 3.0L, 16" Taylor midsection. Just got it set up, to the water tomorrow, 10"set back, prop shaft 1/2" above the pad. running a 34" mazco cleaver. let me know if I going in the right direction? Will follow up with GPS reading and handling. Thanks, Ken C.
  9. OMC w/ land and sea nose, added torque tamer
  10. All it takes is just one ride.... Wasn't that a song. Ken C
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