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  1. Click on 'my controls' at top of page...then click on edit avatar under personal profile one option is you can up-load from your computer
  2. There's no indication of the pitch on the prop...Looks to be 20 or 22...Has a small ding on one of the blades so I am going to have it worked at which time we will see what the pitch is...It has Performance Props etching on the side but no pitch number
  3. It is a cool bote...I talked to the builder today since I had some questions concerning the handling and such ..Roark says his company built maybe 20 of these boats and he figures not to many are still up and running...The boat was designed for a 50hp motor for some race class... he could not remember the class..It has a lot of foam floatation in it and is designed to float upright (nose pointed up) in the event it rolls over or blows over...It has two weird shaped holes in the nose that allow the hull to flood in the event of an accident so the boat will float as it is designed to...Has a 5 pt harness and is built as a capsule type race boat..designed to keep the driver in the cockpit if wrecked..trim is on the wheel (2 buttons) for down and on the floor for up (with the left foot)...Supposed to be stable into the high 80s and into the 90s..Of course to much trim can change all this...This bote has a 75 hp johnson with a formula E mid and a racing gearcase on it so Roarks design limits have been exceeded...He allows it ought to 'run pretty good' with this set up...Came with a really cute cleaver prop and I guess what with the pilot sitting so far front the cleaver gives it some bow lift..battery and fuel cell is amidships right behind the operator for balance I suppose...Has quick disconnect steering wheel which comes in handy for getting in or out...Only thing lacking in the design that I can find is there is no place for a beer cooler...even with the cowl removed there isn't much room...maybe behind the battery Once it's on the river we will take some pics...I really wanted to preserve this little boat and at the same time maybe have a little fun in the process..as far as restoration...well it dosen't need any...even the trailor is in mint condition...the diamond plate steps aren't even pitted...later
  4. Well....The little bote made its way to South Texas....It's much nicer than the pics
  5. One is grey and the other black...That's about it
  6. Really...You sold that boat 3 years ago ...Boy time flys when you're having fun...Yeah..I remember the party cat...Had to do with the kids and such as I recall...I thought you bought the euro ski from someone in Arizona and had some issues with the motor at the time...I was surprised to see it for sale back in Arizona recently...It dosen't seem that STVs are all that common out west in your area...You may have to head this way to find one... Good luck jj
  7. I thought you sold a euro ski a year or so ago so as to get a 'family' boat.. Going back to the speed thing I guess?? Actually there is one for sale in auto trader (it's in arizona) that looks a lot like the one I thought you had way back when
  8. Actually I would not consider ER in the group since anyone who lives in South Texas and drinks Miller Lite would (in my opinion) be exempt from such status... This would limit my membership (to no more than jr. status) as well...I better get off this puter and get ready for Rita...You all take care
  9. Might as well be hijacked...The question about the difference in the 3 botes was somewhat weird in the first place...Cant see comparing a real STV with that other junk...Also anyone running an Eagle 1 bote 118mph must be 'brain dead'.... Now...does this post qualify me for membership in your a$$hole grouping
  10. jjones2

    32 cleaver

    I've got a 14 1/2 X 32 cleaver for sale...Worked by Performance Props in Tenn... Prop is in very good shape..$310 to your door
  11. Don't think you will get it to center..That's why you lose the button trim and have tp go to the turn indicator types or foot controll types
  12. jjones2

    What is this prop?

    Yeah...sell it to RPM... And btw The pic of the above prop is not the same as the pic you show in the general discussion thread...I do not have a real ET wheel so I'm guessing the one on the boat is the real thing in a 26 pitch...Keep it..And I'm guessing RPM will come back on here and give you the real lowdown on the various props you can use... And you might want to try a cleaver
  13. jjones2

    What is this prop?

    So are you asking about one or two props...One seems to have a smooth hub whereas the one on the other thread is cut out on 3 sides...I would say the shape and blade style of either one is of the ET type...
  14. A slightly sanded surface should run faster than a 'waxed' surface in that it will not 'stick' to the water...A sanded surface should create a separation of the hull and water...
  15. That's correct...Wally can not install the fuel cap on the tank top... Still the factory setup is somewhat hard to use..if not impossible... Also the vent hose is subject to water intake...I removed it and installed one long enough to have a loop in it to discourage any chance of water getting into the fuel cell
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