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  1. STV dreamer

    Looking for picture of Hydrodynamics 15" plate

    SOON! I hope. Need to put that rig on a diet and cut some weight. Not sure I want to get rid of the Hydraulic steering though....too comfy.
  2. STV dreamer

    Looking for picture of Hydrodynamics 15" plate

    "I think RBT has a couple of them up his ass." Too much info BTW, mine is Detweiler and unfortunately hangs a lil low....but, there is a skid plate below that to prevent water from splashing under motor.
  3. STV dreamer

    bottom differences

    Mine has same B-rad. Where's the rest of the pics of your new ride.
  4. STV dreamer

    1999 River Rocket

    LIGHTEN UP! I have the same passion for the preservation of the STV heritage as you. My ass nor my wallet would never be in a LPB. Now you said "around here".....as in it was a local guy who sold out?
  5. STV dreamer

    1999 River Rocket

    Me and LPB have a deal worked out on selling Euro copies in Canada, so I need capital. LOL
  6. STV dreamer

    1999 River Rocket

    OTM. Keeping it. Thanks.
  7. STV dreamer

    i want a sled, what do you have?

    That's a nice looking machine B-rad. Didn't you JUST get a Quad a month or so back? Business is obviously good.......congrats.
  8. STV dreamer


    I broke the skeg off of a CLE at mid 95 or so.....boat hooked and threw my buddies girlfriend under the deck of the Procomp....a real eye opener. Being only 2nd season in the boat I realised you don't run used chit and bought a new Sporty.
  9. STV dreamer

    Happy Birthday Larry !

    Happy (belated) Birthday!
  10. STV dreamer

    Pin Cleats

    Jeff, if your looking for the 2 pins that hold down the fairing....I bought a nice set at Performance Improvements on Simcoe just north of Taunton for 18 bucks.....if not, happy hunting.
  11. STV dreamer

    STV River Rocket

  12. STV dreamer

    STV River Rocket

    For Sale: '99 1/2 Wally built inline 2 seater (all original gel-mint), sitting on matching customline tandem trailer, Merc 260 power. $21,900 U.S or $26,500 Canadian COMPLETE.....everything listed below. NOT INTERESTED IN SEPERATING OR TRADES Includes: FRESH ALL NIC 260 powerhead w/ "Brand New MERC" rings, rod bolts, reeds, gaskets, rod bearings etc. Has 2 hours of breakin time or appx 35 gallons of fuel. Complete w/ BRUCATO PCU( extension harness and steamwheel) and SVS. Sits on 2005 DRAG mid w/oval tuner and long ram(I just picked it up in June) and 2004 Sportmaster w/1:87 gears. Mint 260 cowl and SS skirt. Teleflex SeaStar Hydraulic steering and Detwiler hydraulic jackplate. All serviced and meticulously maintained. Still in boxes "Livorsi" Monster series gauges. Platinum on Platinum (SWEET) GPS 140 MPH w/recall, 10k Tack w/recall, fuel level, voltage, water psi, fuel psi, temp, Platinum recall and ignition bezels, carbon fibre dash inlay. Racepak EGT w/probes reading water temp, RPM, 2-EGT readings....also has top mounted warning light. Fuel system includes 3 kinsler filters and surge tank. Odyssey battery box by Dana (red) and Odyssey battery 30LBS. PROPS: Merc Labbed 15x32 Cleaver, Merc Labbed 14.5x30 Cleaver, 14.5x30 Lightning ET (Tillman worked). EXTRA'S: 20'' driveshaft(2004 SM), extra odyssey batt. box (still in packaging), 2 extra fuel filters, 260 (2) head and 1 dividerplate gasket, 2 prop storage boxes. I have spent over $30,000 U.S. email gottahaveanstv@hotmail.com Located in Ontario Canada.....willing to partial U.S. delivery for beer. Thanks
  13. STV dreamer


    Brian, what about that clamp bracket? .....I'd lay money on that as the culprit cuz I recall it did it to me also.
  14. STV dreamer

    river rocket for sale in Ontario CDN

    Phil, I'm interested in the flywheel and possibly the electrics. I'll be out of town till Aug 2nd on holidays....but email me if you'd like. Thanks. P.S what are you doing with the 280 powerhead....for sale? gottahaveanstv@hotmail.com
  15. STV dreamer


    Looks good guys and sounds like its quick too. "Yammer" call me or email gottahaveanstv@hotmail.com