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    Anchor Bag?

    I know it's a whole different thing , but in my Allison I don't use the center battery box. I put a peice of titianum sheet metal in the bottom and closed cell foam over it. Rough water bouncing the anchor doesn't hurt anything under the box and the extra weight is close to centerline "padboat problem" If you can get a box large enuff it might work. Bob
  2. ImbadBob

    first bunch of many questions

    Nick , Yes I love the Allison , but got the itch real bad. "New Boat " . I also used to have a Skeeter ,HP150 wrangler /220xri. Good little boat. From what I read the finish and durability of the stv beats the mirage jaguar. Got that cold depressing season coming up where you save money on boat gas . So I realy wust decide sell Allisonand new stv or keep allison and used stv, wich means building that $!( bridgeport again. Never made it thru a whole season yet. Bob
  3. ImbadBob

    My new motor???

    Keith glad you found a flywheel, enjoy the motor . Bob
  4. ImbadBob

    first bunch of many questions

    Thanks , I am not thinking of racing, sanctioned event style. But I do need to uphold my reputation " IT'S THAT $%^@ LUNATIC IN RED BOAT AGAIN" 5-10 mph faster gets my attention. I don't have to have every last mph out of a boat , I like it , but will trade off a little speed for a lotta acceleration. If you get 5 sec better 0 to 100 I don't see the other boat catching up often. I"m looking for something easier to drive than my Allison , I love it but after 70 to75 mph my daughter isn't stong enuff to drive it. Once again thanks for your time and info. As I learn more I will ask better questions. Many thanks Bob
  5. ImbadBob

    first bunch of many questions

    I won't ay I will buy a used boat. I've a fondness for a new one as we all do. I ordered my Allison in '97 just how I wanted it. If I could find a used boat real close to what I want, that would be cool. Right now I'm trying to figure out what I want. Thats why I want to ask questions. AS for what it cost can you realy put a value on what things you love and what keeps you sane ? Bob
  6. ImbadBob

    first bunch of many questions

    Thanks for the info , I got serious long legs, goota have room. Don't have a problem with paying for options. If it's gonna be "my boat" I want it just the way I like It. The euro/ rocket set up for 3 or 4 people , but not with that weight , just room for 3 or 4 . How about driving/ performance what's the diff? Once again thanks , buying a boat is a drawn out process. Bob
  7. ImbadBob

    first bunch of many questions

    One more question, I'm 6'5" will my legs fit in there ? Thanks for the info. Bob
  8. ImbadBob

    first bunch of many questions

    Hello I'm Bob , I wanna new boat. I presently have a 260 xb2003. STV has my attention, I like what I read. If I ask something stupid remember I've been in pad boats all my life. #1 Is a STV sesitive to side side weight distabution , centersteer or sidesteer ? # 2 Who likes what, euroski or 3 or 4 seat riverrocket, with modified 260 ? #3 prefered options ? #4 Dealer network or factory direct, I'm in east Tn. where do I go to see a boat ? #5 Can I get in red, all red , well maybe just a little trim color , but real real bright red ? #6 How does the hull hold up over time, I like to run the whiz out of a boat, transom / hull durability , gelcoat cracks ? Thanks for the time and info Bob .