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  1. Send a PM on where to send pictures. Will work on increasing picture upload size.
  3. Great info on sparkplugs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slyfJO_1UPg&feature=youtu.be
  4. Link works OK, nice rid there. Just got out of hospital from 2 week stay.
  5. Checking the hull for being solid. Can U post a few pictures?
  6. MY Euro had a jack plate w/SeaStar, but from memory you shouldn't have any issues.
  7. Recorded log file from 7-28-2017 today LOG-01-000-xxx-xxx.CSV
  8. From 7-26-17 recorded log... LOG-01-000-xxx-xxx.CSV
  9. VW TDI FILES LOG-01-003-xxx-xx1.CSV LOG-01-004-xxx-xx1.CSV LOG-01-010-xxx-xxx.CSV LOG-01-011-xxx-xxx.CSV
  10. At 8500 w/1.87 lower a 30 should put you at 114mph.
  11. Early Hoss Tritons work very well. I had a 14 x28 Hoss that was 3mph faster than my Merc 28ET. What's the RPM limit of that 260 and what is your top speed desired?.
  12. Western PA near ZIPCODE 15632
  13. I trying to offer hats and t-shirts again. Here is what I had last time I did this. Comments please and what would everyone suggest as a selling price. I'm researching to find a local printer along with getting pricing. T-shirts will also have the same logo on front near where the pocket would be.
  14. 394 for last 3 digits... going to say it was built March 1994. SOD indicates it's a Summerford built.
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