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  1. Larry Hanlon

    stv procomp

    Send a PM on where to send pictures. Will work on increasing picture upload size.
  2. Larry Hanlon

    stv procomp

  3. Larry Hanlon

    sparkplug science video

    Great info on sparkplugs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slyfJO_1UPg&feature=youtu.be
  4. Larry Hanlon

    History of Summerford Racing (STV) 

    Great article from the past.
  5. Larry Hanlon

    boat advice

    Link works OK, nice rid there. Just got out of hospital from 2 week stay.
  6. Larry Hanlon

    boat advice

    Checking the hull for being solid. Can U post a few pictures?
  7. Larry Hanlon

    Hydraulic Steering Recommendations?

    MY Euro had a jack plate w/SeaStar, but from memory you shouldn't have any issues.
  8. Larry Hanlon


    Recorded log file from 7-28-2017 today LOG-01-000-xxx-xxx.CSV
  9. Larry Hanlon


    From 7-26-17 recorded log... LOG-01-000-xxx-xxx.CSV
  10. Larry Hanlon


    VW TDI FILES LOG-01-003-xxx-xx1.CSV LOG-01-004-xxx-xx1.CSV LOG-01-010-xxx-xxx.CSV LOG-01-011-xxx-xxx.CSV
  11. Larry Hanlon

    River rocket prop recommend

    At 8500 w/1.87 lower a 30 should put you at 114mph.
  12. Larry Hanlon

    River rocket prop recommend

    Early Hoss Tritons work very well. I had a 14 x28 Hoss that was 3mph faster than my Merc 28ET. What's the RPM limit of that 260 and what is your top speed desired?.
  13. Larry Hanlon

    STV Hats and T-Shirts

    Western PA near ZIPCODE 15632
  14. Larry Hanlon

    STV Hats and T-Shirts

    I trying to offer hats and t-shirts again. Here is what I had last time I did this. Comments please and what would everyone suggest as a selling price. I'm researching to find a local printer along with getting pricing. T-shirts will also have the same logo on front near where the pocket would be.
  15. Larry Hanlon

    Vin number

    394 for last 3 digits... going to say it was built March 1994. SOD indicates it's a Summerford built.