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  1. Transom brace

    I still have the wood pattern in my basement if you need the measurments?
  2. Transom brace

    Here you go Dave http://www.stvowners.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=541#entry3736
  3. Euro hull cracks

    Back to the top for the members request.
  4. Havent been here in a while

    Welcome back, Yes I miss my Euro too. Hope to get another one someday
  5. Jack plate

    Got you message Dave, will look around for some pictures/info from my Euro
  6. Over the past 24 hours or more the site has been under attack from foreign servers and we had to make a few changes until the attacks stop. sorry..
  7. New to me

    Welcome, and looks great. Where do you boat at?
  8. Forum sent me a spam email from PM

    thanks, and working on it.
  9. 300PM Euro combo

  10. Hey Everyone!

    Great looking vintage ride.
  11. Anyone else having issues when trying to send or read their PM's thanks
  12. Welcome Mirage owners

    Welcome Mirage owners-test post

    It looks like on this end Mrs. Euro would have to agree with your wife also. To everyone reading this post, know of any 21 Skaters for sale?

    Looks good, can't wait to here the numbers after you get it wet.
  15. Doin' the STV dance!

    Do all STV's do this when running? From about 70-80mph you can feel the hull doing a wobble left and right and it almost feels like the sponson forks are making a circular motion at the same time. If I nail the throttle from about 40 mph it never happens, but if you konda sneak up slowly... that's when ti happens.
  16. Welcome Mirage owners

    Welcome Mirage owners- let's see them action shots.
  17. Forgot how big an Alien Cowl Is!

    Is that a new 280?
  18. engine temps

    I can tell you my 99 280 runs about 165 at high RPM but drops to about 120 at idle for both banks. I think you may have a problem...