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  1. The Las Vegas STV community is creeping up in size. Here is something from the last member, maybe the biggest member, who has the smallest......well, anyways it might be a good idea to invest in one of those optima batteries as a "good" Marine Starting battery lasted me about two months of running before it broke a plate and stopped me cold.
  2. Gotta throw my hat in the ring-- 1998 River Rocket Lightweight 1997 260 15 SS Warmed up 30 P Lightning ET 8100 RPM 111 on GPS Still not full Throttle
  3. I need one of those, the collar looks great. When are we going to break it in? Kevin RandRPropShop.com
  4. I have tons of stuff Here is a list that might apply 24 Mazco RE3 EX condition $350.00 24 Hill Chopper "" $250. 24 Merc Chopper "" $275.00 24 Merc ET Clone $350.00 24 Merc ET Clone $300,00 26 Spinelli Chopper $300.00 29 SRX $250.00 28 Yamaha 4 Blade Performance $500.00 Not to mention a bunch of new stuff Mazco, Performance Propeller, Powertech, Mercury Kevin R&R Prop Shop 702 564 7502
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