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  1. Looks like my old boat
  2. Kurt Graf

    Jack plate

    take a look at Bobs Machine shop.
  3. Thanks Larry. Me too!! I need a speed fix lol
  4. Man do I miss my STV's Whats new here?
  5. Hey jj, dont really have any plans yet on doing anything to the boat right now. I'll have to wait awhile to see. I do know that it wont have the same setup, as it does now, that setup is for s---.
  6. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Got an estimate for fixing my boat. thanks to DaveBB from scream and fly.He talked to Wally and the price for fixing is $5500. That includes a brand new deck and paint to match. Kurt
  7. Just turned 108gps yesterday morning with a 26p yamaha drag copy. 1.87 gears. 8700rpms on a 96 euro. Using the prop calculater with 6% slip the mph turned out to be 107.7 on the calculater. Its possible Kurt
  8. Kurt Graf

    Euro setups

    Hey Jeff, ran the 28 mazco on my euro. It used to be my favorite prop until I started runnin the drag copies. Never really noticed how hard it steered until I ran the drag copies. They steer much easier. Top speeds were right around a 100 or so. Let the 2.5s rev and you will be suprised what a 24p and a 26p prop can do. Kurt
  9. Kurt Graf

    Euro setups

    Hey Jeff, good lookin colors.I've got a 96 euro with a 93 2.5. mounted dierctly to the transom. Rev limiter is off. Motor height is around 3/4 of an inch above the pad . So far my best speeds are: All gps #s yamaha drag copy 24p 98 one person NEW #s 103 on 9/23/03 at 9000 rpm yamaha drag copy 26p 106 one person NEW #s 109 9/20/03 at 8800 rpm yamaha drag copy 26p two people 105 yamaha drag copy 26p 92 three 200+lb guys one 300lb guy yamaha drag copy 26p 96 three cute girls ( one bikini top let loose)
  10. I use drag copies on my 96 euro. Love em. I have a 24 p and a 26p by performance propeller. Last Sat. turned the 24p 98mph on gps. This morning turned the 26p 106mph on gps . Stock 93 2.5 with the the rev limiter off and the motor mounted directly to the transom. The 26p is my favorite prop for all around use. It seems to carry weight pretty good and the boat never seems to get out of shape. The 24p gets into the mid ninties so quick it suprises you. both props loved to be reved. Still would like to try the real et's to compare them.
  11. I was kind of suprised that I got my mom and dad in it. We got to a top speed of 50 till my mom said "#### that kid ".Had to slow it down than. I think they actually liked it, and my daughter loves it. Thanks Kurt
  12. Just Picked up a 96 euro with a 93 1/2 . First day ran 93.7 with a 24p drag copy at 8600 rpm. Than put a 26p drag copy on and ran 102 again at 8600 rpm. Still with the analog box , rev limiter off. Both runs with an etrex gps. Have a few more top end props to try. A32p merc lab finish cleaver. A 4 blade mazco 28p, for cruising. A 30p chopper ll that ran 98 gps not even runnin hard. Boat weighs with me (215lbs) ,helmet, lifeline vest, 5 gallons gas. 1580lbs. Let you know more numbers when I get them. Kurt
  13. Hey jj , did the cap today. cake walk using your info . Thanks Kurt
  14. Thanks jj, Wasn't sure on how I was going to do it. The way you did it sounds almost to easy. Thanks again Kurt
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