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    How many boti do you own?

    Don't got no STV, but got Modified LTVaz a 120 racebote...and a 1989 380 Laser wit 2.5/taylor efi, and a 1982 16' Laser/ will be Chrysler powered!!!...Don't laugh, U may meet me at the rumble, and have to swollow that laugh!!!...also have 24' cobra wit 2/150 2.0's...and also a 14' monarch luminum flat wit a 35 Johnnyrude.......Traded X-wives for boats...did have allison, but had to give it to guy to take the last ole lady...Best deal I ever made...T-REX
  2. T-REX

    getting out....

    selling the 120 rig...complete turn key...fastest v-6 merc powered 120 boat in tha country...extra motor, many extra parts...jus simply kan't afford to play the game no more...if interested email TREX120@bellsouth.net....or call @ 225-294-4417......REX
  3. T-REX

    Baby Rex Updated...

    16' Laser vee bottom...check out the Projects on the By-U-Boyz site for pics from the beginning to the current status...It ain't a STV, I like vee bottomz...REX
  4. T-REX

    Baby Rex Updated...

    If U iz interested, I have made sum mo progress on the "Baby Rex"...Gotta git this thang finished fo Race time, and sho nuff for tha "Rumble"...I might have enuff seat time to hang tha 2.5 on'er fer tha "Rumble"...THA SOUTH WILL RIZE AGIN!!!!By-U-Boyz style......REX:cool:......"Projects"/By-U-Boyz web site...
  5. T-REX

    Shirts & stuff

    Great Idea...I have Shirts wit STV's on them hangin in ever room...I haven't sprayed for roaches in 2 years...I have Racemans picture in the shop to do tha heavy work...Only thing about Racemans Picture iz it carries a health warning..."over dose of ugly can be hazardous to ya health"...Now, for really bad areas, use a picture of Raceman in hiz STV....DAM, now thats nauziaton, ain';t it???...REX
  6. T-REX


    No substitute for Hydrolic...theys no dual cable set up that will match the hydrolic system...sum say it hard to git used to, but If U can drive ya bote wit cable steering, U won't have any problem wit the Hydrolic...the Price, about $700+ wit kevlar hoses(a must for the seastar pro), U also will have to go to the "Blinker type" trim, because the wheel never goes back to center(but U won't notice...U still have the "feel" of cables but can turn it loose and won't matter...I think it well worth the money!!!...T-REX
  7. T-REX

    HOW CUM????

    Techno, I thank U dun had one bubbly too many...iz dat a po-manz afterburner??
  8. T-REX

    HOW CUM????

    Sho mussa been sum good glue...now U no tha only STV that iz az quick az a LTV would be tha ole Needle nose STV(which iiz basicallyy a LTV wit sponsons instead of a ski boat nose...Now make me a good arguement that the square type sponson STV's are quicker than the vee tunnels...Model car glue works fer me, ever tried it?? I put carpet in a bass boat one time closed up in the shop...whoaaaa, dat wuz a humper...Now remember, what U say can and will be held against U in the event U meet a LTV and he kicks ya but...take ya best shot REX
  9. T-REX

    HOW CUM????

    No punch line, Anthony, I jus figgered all these diehard STV boyz would jump at the chance to brag about thier STV's...I guess I wuz wrong...Can U believe, Me, Wrong!!! First time in 5 yearz I been wrong, and I could be wrong bout dat...coulda been 10!!! OH WELL, jus trying to spunk thangs up...This board iz az slow az mine iz...I'll try sumpthin else....I still like Techno's answer!!!!REX
  10. T-REX

    HOW CUM????

    dam good answer...better than mine!!!
  11. T-REX

    HOW CUM????

    How cum Lasers are so much quicker than STV's??
  12. T-REX

    What MOTOR

    My vote didn't git put in tha right place...it went to merc performance...should have went to merc/modified...I kan't afford merc/perf stuff...REX
  13. T-REX

    What MOTOR

    My Laser 380 now haz a 2.5 "Frankienmoter"...It haz parts from a 91 200, 93 260, 95 200, 300drag electronics, 245 carbs...Havent got enuff time to git any numbers...with 80/82 jets and 4stroking from 5400...turned 6800, ran 84MPH wit 28" cleaver..........Supervee(Modified LTV) haz a 86' 2.0, fingerported, modified, mercXRI efi/10pack w/A-48 ecu, XR-6 gearcase wit 2:1 gears, 96 MPH in 800' @ 11:70's, wit 24" yamaha wheel...............Monark 14' aluminium flat, 88' 25 Evinrude, 31MPH(35 in turns)...REX
  14. T-REX

    What PROP??

    Anthony, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER turn down trying a wheel if U have the opertunity...Ya never know what prop will be the ultimate prop for your bote...U take 3 stv's, wit same power and the same prop don't alwayz run the same on all boats...My ole REX iz heavy and big, and everbody sayz a big ear prop will run the best because of bow lift...the best prop I ever run(with the 2400# river ready weight) is a 28 mazco cleaver...Who would have ever thunk??...Try'em all, ya never know...I once run a 28 merc cleaver that a buddy gave me to try, He also give me a 30" merc cleaver to try also, I tried the 28" first, wuzn't that great and didn't really turn the RPM I wuz turning, so I didn't try the 30"...6 months later, I slung a blade on the merc 28chopper I wuz running, thus putting me without a prop...Byron loaned me that 30" jus to git around(he had sold the 28)...that 30 turned out to be the best prop I ever had...(when boat wuz 1850#'s)...Tha big ole tank run 98.7mph...needless to say I bought it...Jus git sum new Prop nuts and git to work...REX
  15. T-REX

    What PROP??

    Yamaha drag props are the best wheels for allround river use on my LTV(not mine no more)...I run choppers, SRX's, and a Hoss triton and the yamaha was the best for the capibilities of the boat...I run a 30" merc cleaver for top end, and fornd that top end ain't the LTV's best trait!!! So the Yamaha is quick and if ya motor is capible of upper 8000 to 10000 rpm's the smaller yamahas will give you neck snapping acceleration and still put around the 3 digit mark...The LTV with 1:87 gears, cruises with a 260 @ 4000rpm's without any problems and when punched @ that rpm has unreal acceleration...big numbers are OK, but 0 to 90+ in 600' iz totally awsom...REX