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  1. flatracer

    1989 STV Charger

    The boat is Canadian Built. The molds were purchased from Summerford and are the laser LTV molds... Built in Concord, Ontario, Canada. Original Charger company is out of business..... consult screamandfly by doing a search for ".Charger STV" for a more detailed discussion....sweet looking boat!
  2. flatracer

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Stopped by Rob's shop on Sunday evening to check the rig out, its a sweet sweet ride and will be awsome when done! Keep us updated with pics rob!
  3. flatracer

    20' STV SRV?

    Congrats on the successful journey rob! will you be up next weekend, tim and i are going sleddin ( getting ripped off on rentals from the good ole campbells boys sure feels good! we will be up there friday evening till sunday with some people. look forward to checkin it out.
  4. flatracer

    20' STV SRV?

    Hey Congrats Rob, was hoping youd pick that badboy up! Did it come with the power? cant wait to witness the progress on this ride. When are u starting it and what u got planned power wise? What are the capabilities of the hull. Looks like ill be stoping by the good ole walkers point shop a little more often come summer to check this thing out. U gonna be up there the weekend of the 27th? think im heading up with tim and some boys for a little sledding (hopefully) but definatley some brews! Would be cool to check it out. Morgan