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  1. $500 usd + shipping. Located in Toronto, ON. Jamie
  2. I imagine you could do 115 with a 28 at about 8600-8700. The slip rate on the Euro seems to be much less than the rockets....in my experience anyway.
  3. Brad, As noted above, I believe that to be one of the first sprint boats just changing over from the needle nose. One was at Wally's shop when I was there being restored. Had never seen one before. Jamie
  4. Anthony, I believe G-Trains boat is the one with Blake in the pic.
  5. RUNWME, Definately Impressive speeds...your sprint seems to rock on top end!!!! You're definately one of the fastest now. Stay safe. Jamie
  6. Blake ran with a flat deck from the back to the back of the front seats...slower. Euro runs good with no back seats. I was thinking about a foil at one point but didn't want to spend the money. I think it may be alright with one like the rocket or ProComp but I don't think it will net you any MPH on top. Maybe some jam though due to the weight savings.
  7. If you know hot chicks then yup! If not, there actually aren't 2 River Rockets, 2 Pro Comps, Euro,MOdVp in our group. Where are you located? Jamie
  8. Jamieb


    Brad, check your e-mail.
  9. Did you buy it off of Dave MacPherson? If so that bottom is different...it's a "drag" bottom which is stepped and therefore has a shallower tunnel at the back...not sure what motor height you should be running.
  10. Brad, I'll sell it to ya...send the Brinks truck!
  11. Brad, Don't know of any for sale currently. I don't think the ET acts like a size bigger when compared to a chopper style prop, but when compared to a cleaver it may be so...probably because the slip on a cleaver is higher. My Euro ran with about 4-5% slip. My rocket runs at about 10.5% With the same prop (26" ET) I run 105 at 9000 rpm. How much set back do you have? I ran with 5" + 2" built in on the SS and it ran really flat with the ET. Jamie
  12. Brad, I had a 26" ET on my old Euro with a stock 260. 103 GPS with a passenger at 8350-8400 with 1.87 gears in a sportmaster. You've got lots to go with that ET. Fly it flat. That Mazco 26" sounds inefficient, was it a small diameter? What kind of revs were you pulling with the 28" ET? Just interested. Jamie
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