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  1. ...just kidding! I took this pic of my Rocket today and it turned out so good I thought I would post it. It looks great on my desktop in full res! PaulR
  2. So.............That loose feeling like the back end on the boat wants to come around on me is NORMAL? I have a 1996 4 seater Rocket with the Ski bottom( I think?) (inverted-V) When I slow down it seems to take forever sometimes. But I will say this, "I have alot of fun running in rough water with this hull"! Paul
  3. I live on Shawano Lake and there is a boat landing three houses down from my place. Come on up! It looks like it's going to be in the 70's this weekend, might be the last good weekend? No point in wasting a weekend watching the Packers...they SUCK this year! LOL! Craig just got his new 30 cleaver. Maybe he will bring the ProComp up and try it out? PaulR
  4. Thanks for the numbers Wayne, that what I was looking for. The bunks on the trailer were not wet when I weighed the boat and trailer so I'm going to add 10lbs to the boat (1590) and figure 20lbs for the gear and I'll guess 63lbs for the gas. So to round things off I'm going to say the boat is 1500lbs rigged. Now I need to get rid of 150lbs to put this thing in the 1325-1350lb range. All I can really do is dig out the foam and pull the carpet and hope the foam is soaked, but I would be surprised to find it weighs 150lbs. I'm about 190lbs and the boat is over weight by about what one passenger would be, but my 99' Rocket would run 115 with two aboard so I'm thinking the motor isn't as powerful as I was lead to believe. Paul
  5. I weighed my boat today. I took it to the local landfill so I don't know how accurate their scales are but here's what I have for weights. Boat&trailer 2260lbs Some of the carpet in the boat was wet. Trailer 680lbs Aluminum with wet bunks. So I have 1580lbs with semi wet carpet, 1/3 of a tank of gas, anchor, 4 Merc life jackets, and a few ropes. Of course the motor was on the boat with a prop installed. This is a 4 seater 96' Rocket with full carpet and factory foam flotation that comes well past the back seat, something I've never seen in an STV, well at least not in the 3 other ones I've owned. The reason I'm asking this question is because this boat doesnt preform well. I can only get 105 out of it so I don't know if the boat is heavy or the motor is weak? Thanks, Paul
  6. This is a cool sled video teaser! Click on the teaser in the middle of the page. http://www.sledporn.com/media/videos/SP4_Web_Teaser.wmv
  7. I'll trade ya this for a drag powerhead!
  8. Phil, I am having handling issues also. My boat feels like its skidding across the surface of the water every time I slow down and its not very fast. Well a friend and I carfully measured my engine hight and I think I found the problem. My propshaft was about 2 1/4" above the pad!! I lowered it 1 1/4 inches, but its raining so I haven't tried it yet.
  9. This Mirage halls the mail boys! It sits in the water flat, runs flat, and the owner has never had the motor apart in seven years.
  10. This would be for top end running. My 30+ pitch cleavers always worked well on my V-King YT and the Rockets I've had in the past, but I'm new to the Euro and they don't seem to hold the bow up very well at all. I'm still dealing with my skiddish handling issues, but I did try a 29SRX and it worked fairly well and its kinda beat up! I want 115mph out of this boat and have the power to do it, but I need some suggestions on what prop will get me there. How about a 30 or 32p ET? 30P RE? Thanks
  11. So your saying that Euro is Friggin HEAVY??? LOL!!!!
  12. Eurotrash


    Wayne, What gearcase did you run on your old red Euro? If I remember right that boat ran 130mph! I have a 2001 Euro and the best speed so far is 110 with a GPI 2.5 and stock Sportmaster, but before I try to gain speed I need to resolve my blow out problem, or at least it feels like blow out. Every time I get off the gas the stern gets loose and the boat skids to the left. Even at slow speeds (60-70mph) it does this?? On my 110mph run about 3/4 of the way though the run I felt the bow drop so I gave it a tic of the trim, but it just felt loose so I trimed it back down so I know theres more top end there, but something is holding me back. It could be the prop and the SeaStar steering seems to have some play in it, or maybe its just me? I've only had the boat a week, but I do have 20 years experience in a 100+mph boat. To make a good top end run I have to work my way past the midrange hop slowly, meaning a few hops then trim and work the wheel. Well I get beat all the time doing that!! If I stab the gas, over trim a bit then set the boat it never takes a good set and almost always blows out at 90-100mph and turns right. I'm running a 14 3/8X32p cleaver at 8400rpm@110mph NOT GOOD What is happening??? Thanks, Paul
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