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  1. Larry, New job just doesn't give us time to do boating. I just spent three months in China. We haven't had the boat in the water for over a year.
  2. http://brainerd.craigslist.org/boa/2453674741.html
  3. that thing needs crushed Bad boat bad history forget it!!!!
  4. I'm selling my pride and joy to help start a new Business venture. follow the link to see details. />http://brainerd.craigslist.org/boa/1412758726.html Mike Hurst
  5. Cool looking boat. That 115 looks a little big on the back. What's the lenght of the boat? It looks to be 14 to 15 feet.
  6. Where in Ohio? I think I've seen tht on West Branch when we lived in Ohio.
  7. Welcome aquanaut! I'm orignally from Ohio born and raised in the Barberton area. We used to boat on West branch and alot on Mosquito lake. We make it back to ohio now and then and bring out Euro with us. it would be neet to get together someday. There not to many Hot boaters in Ohio from what I remember. Well Picks Boat house in Portage Lakes was a hydrostream dealer. I bought my Vixen from there. You love your Euro once you get to run it.
  8. Looks pretty sweet with that e-tec hanging off the back. When Joihn Graff had his River Rocket with the big Yammi on the back he ran a 30 or 32 Bravo 4 blade with holes through the hub and it ran real good. So you may want to look into that.
  9. That's pretty good. Hell I've never been that high, but then I don't even try.
  10. looks like the twin to mine!!! good looking boat good luck with the sell!!
  11. Randy's around just not into it the high perf stuff as much I did talk to him earlier this summer on getting a different motor so he's still doing stuff. You can reach him at, randy@gpi.clearwire.net
  12. I went to there web sight. It looks like they took the best parts of the River Rocket off, the details on the back transom to cheaping it up. Or so it can be made easier. Didn't the Guy in Florida buy the rights from Wally to make the River Rocket? Well If he did than this one is a SPLASH!!!
  13. We have a friend here that has a 2005 River Rocket for sale with no motor. It's a real nice boat with four seats but the cockpit of the Rocket is narrower than the Euro. I think the lenght is the same. The Euro can't be beat for the fast Family type of boat if you want a tunnel. We have ski, tubed, wake boarded, knee boarded off the boat with no problems. The only boats that Ive had is STV and Hydrostreams. Older boats can be a problem. My Hydrostream is 32 years old and I had to rebuild the floor in it from rot. Look over the older boat real good. take a rubber mallet with you to thump the
  14. One place to check other than just here is scream&fly.com The STV with the most room is a Euro. Four seats and it has a far amount storage. When I bought mine I had a stock 200 Mercury that even had oil injection on it. ran in the 90's with one on board. You can find one in the price range your looking for it might just take some time.
  15. Never too far to get that perfect boat!!!! Nice looking Euro, good luck with selling it.
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