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  1. I Have a race cowl problem

    Nah, just tell them it's your new 100 MPH towel drier. Works really well. the faster you go the faster the towels dry.
  2. 1991 pro comp cowling?

    BTW do you have the "backseat"? do you wanna sell it?
  3. 1991 pro comp cowling?

    here ya go: Tradewinds Marine Center, Inc 38788 N Broadway Ave Antioch, Illinois 60002 PHONE (847) 395-8110 TOLL FREE (866) 376-0341 FAX (847) 395-2524 tradewindsmarine@mindspring.com sorry couldn't find a webaddress. good luck
  4. Rear seat snaps

    s she w who m must b be o obeyed otherwise know as a wife. I'm not much of a fiberglass guy. How would i go about making a "splash"?
  5. Rear seat snaps

    Oh well it was worth a try. Yes i do have the race fairing and I'd kinda like to keep it, it seems to strike fear into the local boys when out lake running. The back seat is for when swmbo wants to go for a ride.
  6. Rear seat snaps

    I'm looking for a back seat for mine. Soooooo why don'tcha sell me the back seat and put in a race fairing.
  7. what should my next prop be?

    Ok, I'll add a 28 ET to my collection. Now who's got one for sale? Anybody need a 24 yammi copy? dan
  8. Set back or none?

    Let us know how it works. I'm in the same situation with a Land and Sea, so I'll learn my lesson from you.
  9. what should my next prop be?

    Thanks so very much guys. I wish i could afford both but it looks like i'm gonna start looking for an et. Is there any pitch that works best on a procomp ski. I have a 26 and hit my self imposed rev limit with a ton of motor left. Both jjones2 and euroski are running 28's but there's a good looking 30 FS on S&F. Do you guys think a 30 would be to much prop? what would i lose/gain with the additional pitch? or should i just try to find a 28? thanks so much dan
  10. what should my next prop be?

    Aha wise ones. I can't afford both, well i could but then i'd probably end up a single guy with no boat. So which one should i get the cleaver or the ET? There's a 30 ET over on s&f if thats the way more experienced STVers think would be best for my application. dan
  11. what should my next prop be?

    I just got a 1990 ProComp Ski. It came with a 96 2.5 260/CLE. It also came with a R&R 24 yammi copy, somebodies copy of a 26 Lightning ET and a mazco 30 re3. from another boat/motor combo i have a spinnelli 32 cleaver. All are 3 blade. I use the boat for lake running and am primarily interested in good holeshot and mid range punch. It's too crowded around here for safe top speed runs (lake lice infestations) so i'm not trying to sqeeze the last couple of MPH out of the boat. I don't want to turn much over 7500-8000 cuz i'm not a mercury mechanic and engine service life is an issue. i was thinking of a 30 lightning or a merc 30 cleaver but am open to other ideas. any comments or suggestions? luvfastboats dan

    oops forgot the pic

    Here's my new (to me) boat. It's a 1990 ProComp with the ski bottom. Powered by a 1996 2.5 260 EFI with a CLE lower. Currently spinning a 28 ET. Don't have a top speed yet, it's faster than I'm currently comfortable driving. click here for more pics Dans STV Dan Hoffman Luvfastboats (both here and S&F)