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    What LOWER UNIT?

  2. heath brinkley

    What LOWER UNIT?

    Johnny come lately, I've been visiting this web-site for what seems like years, always wonderin' why theres nothin' new on here. Then I finally realized it was in the forums and registered. Anyway, you guys got some NICE boats. Mine's pretty plain but really fast. I run a XR6 gearcase always liked those for top end, I like the higher gears, it's like free speed. Can't give you a good comparison on characteristics, since it's the only gearcase I've used. Also, I use cable, steering arm steering so theres no torgue on the wheel (so I can't say it's in the gearcase design.). But the boat handles great and I'm turning 9200 with 1.78's and a 28" yamaha. I also use that entention that bolts over the prop, so I get lot's o' sternlift. I like runnin' flat at those speeds I'm sure ya'll would agree. Anyway, great website. I'm not real good in the electronic world so I can't post pictures. It seems like Anthony SS and ProComp are pretty good at it. If one of you, or somebody else wants to e-mail me your address I'll mail some pictures to post. Nothin' fancy though just a two color boat.