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  1. h2ostv

    280OS:Silver Dust on burnt exhaust below snout?

    Pro-comp. Must have have been that 115mph pass?? Ha!! Here it comes. Be nice now!! When do you want me to drop off the rig at the Lab-lite shop for inspection. Sunday sounds good?? But, really, if there is some time in the next few weeks, I wouldn't mind doing a little wrenching with your help. I"ll buy the beer and you just tell me what to do if your shop's open for business. Yes, I'll buy, already have a tab running for a bottle when I dropped your keys in the drink last year. Let's not go there?? It just wouldn't seem right if there wasn't some parts, powerheads, and motors in your garage this fall. Never mind winter. I'd hate to see to bored. Brian
  2. NEED ADVICE: I just ran my 2004 280 on the weekend and seemed to run fine. Though, when I pulled it onto the trailer I noticed just a few spackles of silver dust where the offshore exhaust exits on the housing tip where you get the burnt exhaust residue?? GOT ME WORRIED. It just wiped off easily and wasn't like a shavings. I pulled the plugs which all looked blackish on the base with the tips a light brown. With a flashlight, the piston heads shiney, and clean in the center with some blackening around the outside edges. It been running rich and throwing enough smoke. It idles okay. I don't have much wrench experience on the motor but just a few basics. What should I do next and what should I look for??? Loose tuner?? powerhead scoring?? Would appreciate feedback!!! I was going to pull the heads off.
  3. h2ostv

    sportmaster gearcase mystery?

    I would like to share a recent problem and hopefully receive some advice and feedback. On the weekend, I was riding with Procomp and the Canadian Prairie Dogs and ran into a gearcase problem. Bare with me. My 2004 2.5 Offshore ran fine all day but when I went to the ramp to load I found there was no reverse. Once my Euro was on the the trailer we were all amazed what we saw. The nut and locking washer was completely gone. The carrier was carved up with only minor damage to the prop?? What the heck happened? Of course, I've had it 13 months and only have about 40hrs on the motor. The merc rep apparently has no explanation of how it could have occurred and doesn't want to offer any support or coverage. There is no hi-perf dealers here and probably only 2 280's in the province so I don't have much confidence in their knowledge. But, I appear screwed at the moment. What can I DO?? I'm interested in hearing others' opinions of how this may have occurred. Even better, if this has happened to anyone esle did Mercury step up to the plate. I dished out a lot of cash and have no customer support or reasonable explanation for the damage. The threads also appear damaged on the housing. PLEASE offer feedback or advice if you think it may be helpful for my case.