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  1. Sorry about the "guest" deal... I cleared my cookies on my computer and it didn't automatically log me in. : )
  2. This is an e-mail I had sent to the webmaster at ScreamandFly about the Altzhiemers post on S&F. I have been banned from S&F and could not post it there. What Jay wrote was untrue. I wanted everyone to know the real deal on this issue and this e-mail pretty much tells the story. I'm not doing this to start trouble, I just want my side known, and to give everyone food for thought on censorship. Well Greg, Regarding the "Alzheimer's" post on S&F, Hmmm... that stunt you and Jay Smith pulled, bashing me, posting lies about me on S&F, and banning me so I couldn't defend myself seems to have backfired on you. You now have well respected people with much O/B knowledge speaking out against JSRE. So tell me Greg, why was I banned from Scream and Fly? What did I do? I was always a positive contributor, I wrote 2 articles for your website (One of which you falsely claimed that you wrote) I even made yearly donations. I wasn't making any posts which were against the rules, I hadn't made a post there in a few weeks, so why the ban? I was willing to keep my mouth shut until you allowed Jay and his goons to start a smear campaign. I tried to resolve this with you before it got out of hand, but you and Jay escalated it instead. Greg, their are plenty of knowledgeable people out there who know the real deal about Jay. Your behavior in this matter can best be compared to that of an evil dictator. I thought this was America? Show me one post or action I made that breaks the rules? You can't even use the fact that I had more than one screen name because I did it with your permission. I can show you many posts that Jay and his buddies made toward me that violate your website rules, yet I am banned. Isn't this because you make quite a bit of money from Jay and only get a $25 donation per year from me? Hmmm... you say you loathe censorship, but then you do it anyway to make a buck. You clearly have prostituted yourself. People will know about this Greg. They will know that you practice censorship and violate your own rules to protect your pocket book. You don't value open exchange of opinions as you once insisted you do, and you certainly don't care about the S&F readers. Curious....I see you haven't banned other people that have spoken out about JSRE. Isn't that because you figure I am easier to discredit? Well, you really have your hands full now, and remember, I didn't do this....you and Jay did. I never spoke an ill word about anyone until I was repeatedly attacked FIRST. I never ripped anyone off, never did poor work on anyone's motor, never sold an inferior product, never slandered anyone on S&F, ....just gave my opinion and stuck with the facts as I know them. Do you realize how many people are pissed at you now? Can you say CENSORSHIP Greg? Can you say COVERUP? By booting me and allowing Jay and others to bash me on the forum, you have violated your own website rules. Firewalker said something like.... "Do you know how many Big Names won't come on S&F because of Jay Smith?" Didn't I tell you privately that I had heard many people saying that? Well Firewalker just made it public. I don't know Firewalker...he's not a friend posting to help me out, just a well respected guy with a lot of knowledge speaking his mind .... Just like me, right? Are you going to ban him too? Your ban tactic is effective to a degree. Some people are afraid to speak out because they fear you will ban them too. Maybe you should change your screenname to *****. ************************************************************ Thanks for letting me tell my side.
  3. O/B Dude

    Prop work

    Hey #92, Ron Hill makes his own Yamaha Drag style props and they are VERY reasonably priced. Check out eBay under the name Prop19. He usually has several props forsale but if you e-mail him, he will make you whatever you want. I have a 24 and a 26 that work really well on my Euro/2.5 carb. You may want to try one out. I would stick with the 14.5 diameter vs. the 14 dia. I have run Both diameters from Ron and the larger diameter seems to work better on tunnelboats. They don't slip much, have great low, mid and high end performance, give just a touch of bow lift and in my opinion the perfect amount of stern lift. Steering torque is minimal and handling is very good. I run one of his 15x30 cleavers also with good success. I don't care for choppers on my Euro unless cut to ET style. Ron has his own version of ET also but I havent run one yet. OBD
  4. O/B Dude

    What MOTOR

    225 ProMax with WMH carbs, 150 PSI compression, 9/16" above the pad, 93 STV Euro, comp bottom, 6" manual jackplate, 102 mph GPS at 450' elevation with a Ron Hill 15x30 Cleaver. 100 mph GPS with a 14.25 x 26 Mazco RE4. (Thats with full gear and 1/2 tank of fuel) Had it ported since then and hoping it will run 110-115 once I get the jetting correct.
  5. 93 Euro, comp bottom, very tired 225 ProMax (over 400 hrs) with wmh carbs instead of laser injection. 32 cc Jay Smith cut heads, 8" set back, 5/8" above the pad, 15 x 30 Ron Hill Cleaver 102 mph @ 7900 rpm, 26 Mazco RE4 100 mph @ 8000 rpm. (On GPS, full interior, 1/2 tank of gas, extra prop, tools, gear, etc...) Motor is now being rebuilt and blue printed by Greg Moss at Moss Marine and block was just ported by Jim Ruck. Can't wait to get the power head back.
  6. My Euro did the same thing. i ground away some glass at the transom to Knee area and there was no separation. It is just the deck gel cracking due to minor transom flex. I'm almost finished building my own aluminum support brackets. Re-glass the inner transom where I ground on it, install the support brackets, and problem solved. O/B Dude
  7. Interesting. I just found out my 260 that someone put carbs on is actually a 225 PM with carbs. I got a best of 102 on GPS at 492' elevation with a Ron Hill 30 cleaver at 8000 rpm. This motor had some seriously tired rings in it too. The rest of the motor was in A-1 shape and shows no wear at all. I have spun it to 8250 with a 24 yamaha drag copy. Its at Jim Rucks place being ported to better than 260 spec's, and I'm changing the internals to 300 drag parts. I wanted to have the porting and chest done like an S-3000 but Jim and a few others talked me into going with something between a 260 and an S-3000. I am surprized it has gotten the numbers is has. I got 100 regularly on gps with a 26 RE4 ski prop. It accelerated well too. Would run right with similar boats with 2.5 Hi Perf motors or worked OMC's. And this is with full interior, tool kit, 2 extra props, full gear, full cooler, 2 anchors, 15 gallons of fuel, and a beach umbrella! The motor must be a 96 because it has a 14 petal front half. Anyway, thanks for the replies. O/B Dude
  8. What kind of speed can you get out of a Euro with a comp bottom and a 225 Pro Max? Anyone run one of those? Thanks
  9. Feels good to pass the century mark doesnt it? Congrats. First time I did it I thought I was running maybe 95. Looked at the GPS and saw 100 even. Now that I am well into the 100's its just not the same thrill. I guess all "first times" are the best.
  10. Larry, Mine looks exactly like yours, has since I got it and I am sure for many years prior. The transom is still solid and has ZERO flex. I wouldnt sweat it too much. I garrantee if you glass it up it will crack again. Never seen one that didnt. I just used some marine sealer to insure no water gets in and left it at that. Good luck. Sean
  11. This prop was just cut by Aquaholic. I only ran it once. Pulls hard from holeshot to redline. Better than Yamaha drags and copies, much better than a chopper. Very low steering torque, great high speed stability and handling at a fraction of the price of a real ET. I bought 3 of differing pitch. This one isnt enough pitch for the RPM I run on my setup. Paid $425, sell for $300. Garanteed to be in same condition as when cut by Aquaholic. I can't get a photo to post here but can e-mail photos. Reply to e-mail if interested. Sean
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