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  1. stepped sponsons

    mines an 86 the fins arent for turning I dont think, because it dosent turn very well at all... I have to make wide turns with it or it will try to hook and throw everything out of the boat lol it flys really well, but I think I need to do some setup adjusting.. i think the center hight is to high.. maby I can't really get much more than 85mph out of it.. but that could be the engine.. its taching about 6300 at that speed with a 28p big ear chopper. 200 merc bone stock thanks for all the info Joe
  2. stepped sponsons

    I found a good pic of a sprint without the steps... (Im not trying to be disagreeable, but I am truely curious about these steps)
  3. stepped sponsons

    Ive seen a bunch of these boats that didnt look like they had steps at all. But it dosent seem that rare to me... I have seen 3 that do have the steps so far.. it dosent seem to turn that well, but it does really well in a strait line. it flys really well and level heres 2 with no steps
  4. stepped sponsons

    fast phll had the same boat as me thats the exact same boat I have... same everything.. paint hull and all those are the steps Im talkin about...Ill take some better pics right now
  5. stepped sponsons

    I have a 1986 STV sprint bottom boat.. and it has steps on the sponsons @ the back 4 or 5 feet of the boat.. the other day I was riding with some fellow speedboaters, and one of them took interest in my boat imediately after he noticed the stepped sponsons... and tried to buy it on the spot.... he told me that I didnt know what I was sitting in... and told me to let him know first when I decide to sell it and get a newer boat... so my question is, what is the big deal with the steps in the back of the sponsons?? I realize that when the boat is flying, less surface touching the water would be better.. making the steps an advantage..... But he said it was a rare boat.. help me realize what it is exactally that Ive been riding in these last few months. Ill get some pics up as soon as I get my camera home from work tomorrow.. (ok here are some new pics) Joe
  6. STV Two-Seater 19

    I saw jack barsh race last weekend, in his general lee boat... he blew a motor, but until then it sounded really neat.. I have never heard a v8 2 stroke full throttle power boats are really nice! I have 2 friends that have quatershots. they seem heavy, but very nicely setup I took a new QS out and eased it up to 104 by GPS speedo .. felt really smooth, other than a few short hop zones perhaps when full throttle gets their STV part of the site up and running, Ill do some comparrisons on a hull thanks Joe
  7. sprint bottom

    I am running a stock 200 w/ 28 chopper and seeing 87 mph. I have no hop at any speeds and the boat handles very well, turns on a dime. Quote I too have an STV with the sprint bottom 1986 model. I have a stock 2.4 200 with a 28 chopper too.. it runs 85 in this 100 degree heat...... Im ready to see what it can do in more dense dry cool air, this winter. I plan to put a JSRE flywheel, intake spacer, and some velocity stacks on it in the next few weeks.. although........ it does not turn very well...... it trys to dig in in heavy turns... my friends Quatershot... wow it turns with rollercoaster G-forces... mine will never be able to turn like that
  8. STV Two-Seater 19

    where would one go about getting a new STV hull? I cant find any STV websites where they would advert some new ones for sale.... eventually I think I might get a liberator hull new, but if there are some STV's that I like I could be swayed in that direction.. but I cant seem to find any forgive me if this sounds like a newbie question... but I am a newbie Joe

    Joe, anybody who knows anything knows about your uncles boat. Do you know if he has any plans of racing that boat again at Jasper this year. not that I know of, but I cant really say for sure... I dont think he has a full blown racing engine ready right now, and if he cant win he dosent want to race it here is a vid from last weekend, where he was making some passes

    and here is my uncles STV he races it "skywalker" David Carver

    heres my STV sprint.. I have only owned it for a few weeks, but I love it!! its really fun Im refinishing the engine cover, and have some nice new mercury racing decals to put on it Joe