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  1. This stuff needs to go Short Block $4800.00 Heads $200 Merc. Studs $60.00 ECU Bracket $40.00 Timing arm $50.00 Sold Trorttle Bracket $50.00 Sold Light Flywheel $275.00 Sold 2 starters $75.00 1 Sold 1 Left This is what I have left, give me a call
  2. I am parting out a complete 260 Light flywheel 16 amp 300.00 A/48 Rapair/CDI box 350.00 -Sold complete wire harness, for 260 -Sold injectors -Sold short block, 300 drag specs. two ring pistons, wisco pistons, steel sleeves and the list goes on. 98 date code on block no welds. 5500.00 starters, I have two $75.00ea Air horn Sold linkage advance 50.00 throttle bracket 50.00 260 heads shaved I believe 26cc 200.00 head studs 70.00 new Bosh fuel pump 150.00 -sold also 2.4 200 crank 100.00 -sold complete wire harness for 2.4, stator coils the whole thing 1' intake spacer for 2.4 carb port matched with reed bolcks and reeds 550.00. it cost way more than this Contact Len @ 651-366-0624 or lhovan49@msn.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. New Auto meter tach set up for 2cycle outboard, 10k with recall, never been on a boat. also new Bosch EFI fuel pump This stuff is taking up space and must go l know what I paid for these, make me a reasonable offer. I will post pic's tomorrow
  4. Anthony, sorry I missed you. Ya, this was my hot rod motor built out of state, I am sort of done, gone back to cars and bikes. Somebody will have some fun with this, later and good luck. Lenny
  5. This is a complete motor from light flywheel through starter. The motor has about 5hrs dyno time on it so will need break in. This is a 2.5 260 cut to 300 drag specs 1) all work done at EagleOne Marine 2) all steel sleve because I don't like nic. no welds on block 3) timing is set at 22 degrees 4) A-48 CDI box @ 101.5% 5) compression is 165 cold and 185 when warm 6) Motor shower 347.7 hp on dyno @ crankshaft @ 8500rpm, It can be turned harder 7) also has a 1" spacer 8) two ring Wisco pstons and the list goes on Reason for sale I am getting out of this type of boating. I have sold my boat and don't need this sitting around doing nothing price is $6500 plus shipping Interested great, tire kicker please don't make a fuss-sorry I have had to deal with too many You can contact me thriugh the this board Thanks Sloride
  6. Sounds good, the sport boat class rules, from ODBA, modifyed a little could work maybe. Now, what about the speed deal? In my opnion (which aint worth much, except in my own mind) the 1/2 mile length would work good, the 1/4 is already taken care of and the extra length gives some run room can be setup most anywere and with that length it could be easier to watch the water (keep the errant waves in check) a mile could make it a little tough, and then you have the shut down area and placement of safety crews, a mile is long area to watch. Again just my opnion and is still worth the same as stated above
  7. I don't know Hank but my best goes out to him. Now my $.02 worth None of us know why this happened or what exactly Hank did, what I do see is that he is sort of high and if he taged the button on his Happy Gas (nos) at that hight you could have a large problem. I don't have any idea of how big a shoy he is running, but think of this, an instant 100+ HP with a nose high boat, trimed a little high will push the nose higher without a chance to correct. Again I don't know what happened and I wasn't there so this is all speculation on my part and only Hank can sort this out. Again Thank God he came out with just bumps and bruises
  8. Extreem works for me, is a great catch word and people will look at least once just to see what you are about. Good luck!
  9. Hey Nelsoncat, you should know this your the man with the camera. You gonna be at Balzy's in January?How is the new motor comin, Oh and did you find some props? Have a GREAT XMAS and is your son likeing his bike? Later Guy, and thanks for the photo
  10. Bluelixir, yup that be a Happy Gas purge
  11. Noverber 17 on Discovery Channel at 6pm. eastern Rand Pierson of GPI, in Avon will be making one of his pattened HIGH SPEED passes, I know that this one is 140+ and it is in his STV, DON'T miss this one. Discovery was there for the day, should be some good footage
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