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    Boats and meeting other boaters.
  1. Kevin from FL®


    Thanks Danielle, I'm doing much better and it sure sounds like you are too. Thats good to hear. I'll stop in from time to time. Kevin
  2. Kevin from FL®


    Just thought I would drop in to see how everyone is doing and it look's like things are going great. Kinda hard to blend in since my Ally sorta stands out here I honestly hope to meet some of you fine people someday at a race or a rally of some sort. Everyone be safe, let's have a fun year and keep em right side up. Kevin
  3. Kevin from FL®


    The errors are with Netscape but IE works fine. When I log in with NS, I get a Syntax error, I just back click twice and I'm in! IE works fine. Strange..... Is it my monitor or does the logo have a bunch of dots in the last part of it?
  4. Kevin from FL®


    Me too Danielle, started feeling real bad Sunday and feel like crap now. Hope you get better soon. Click on the "My Control Panel" up top, then the "Personal Info" tab at the top. Then click the Avatar Options.
  5. Kevin from FL®


    Thanks DANIELLE, I got some strange errors getting in here this time, I'm gunna see if I can figure out what is causing it. I'll be back soon....
  6. Kevin from FL®


    Looks good Larry. Bet you had fun setting this up Har har har. Gotta go set up my profile now that I'm in. We'll get together on the other stuff. Later............