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  1. Attn GPI re: Merc Cleavers

    On the hoss prop, are you talking the stock off the shelf product, sold to the general public, or are we talking going the next generation like the one Randy was talking about. I am all for a prop coming out of the box, tweeked and ready to roll specifically tuned for an STV.
  2. Attn GPI re: Merc Cleavers

    tis the season, very curious if one of the hoss props is the way to go. I am running a 98 euro with a freshened Jay Smith 2.5 carb. All this talk of a hoss, definitely goes against conventional wisdom, but we are running tunnels arent we. I would not knock the et, I have it to be a really good preformer, but The Merc Gurus will always push you toward labbing, and the cleaver.
  3. Attn GPI re: Merc Cleavers

    any word on the new hoss prop for stv's. I am currently running a 28 merc non labbed et. Never pass up the op to try a new wheel any info would be appreciated
  4. Euro Hatch Question

    I thought I was the only person who had trouble getting the hatch back on the hinges. When I do it alone, I will tie a harness around the hatch and use my engine lift to hold it in place while I line it up on the pins. Saves my back and fingers!!
  5. Best Prop 4 STV Euro

    I have to agree, a real 28 et really provides that seat pinning punch, carries weight well and really lessens wheel torque on the dual ride glide steering. You really cant go wrong w/ a merc et. There was both a 28 and a 30 et for sale on scream and fly, reasonablly $.
  6. merc et update

    I am curious to hear how the et performs w/ the cup removed. When you send a prop back to be worked, i.e. cup removed, what exactly do you request be done to the prop? With the et I am running, the bow does seem more reactive to the throttle than w/ the cleaver. Interestingly, trimming does not seem to have that great of affect/effect on the angle of attack/attitude of the bow. At speeds above 90mph, there was no bad habits and my water pressure was 15 - 20 psi. I was concerned it was too much water pressure, need to raise it up a notch.
  7. merc et update

    Finally had a chance to play around with my 28 et on my euro. Started w/ the engine @ 1-1.25" above, boat was flighty,and not very predictable around 60-70 mph, 6000 rpm's. Dropped the engine down to even w/ the pad, stepped on it and the boat shot right thru the p-zone into the 90's w/o any bad habits @ 6500 rpm's. Wind was blowing so I backed out. Wheel torque was substansially less than with a cleaver. Very nice prop right out of the box.
  8. What are you using for a rear running light?

    I installed nav lights this winter, I used some on wally's posts to postition my lights. In some of the pics, behind the windshield area of the euro, in the flat spot is a spot to mount a combination bow light, I believe it is a perko. For the stern light, using the pics as a reference, I put the stern light approx the same distance in from the side as the fuel fill, but on starboard side. I think the stern light has to be a meter above the bow light. I dont run after dark, but figured if I wanted to putt around after dusk, it wouldn't be a bad idea. Total weight added to the boat, less than a pound.
  9. big BIG props?

    Wayne, thanks for the reply, I could read set up tips all day. Never can seem to get enought tinkering time on the boat. I have also discovered that at engine heights above 3/4", my euro seems to get a little squirelly, not undriveable, but a little loose on wot blasts. Cannot wait to hear how the new rocket is running. Keep us advised
  10. big BIG props?

    Well I did it, I have a real merc 28 et on the way, I will be sure to post on performace. I was talking with a guy that has a 92 euro and he feels the merc 32 cleaver is the prop. Wayne on your euro that ran 130, how many rpms were you turning? I have come to the conclusion that top end is directly related to how fast you are willing or able to turn the engine. Also how high are you running the cleavers and et's. I have a 4 hole cle, approx 3/4 of inch above on a hydro-dynamics manual jack, adjustable in 1/4" increments. If I go another click, my water pressure drops to between 5-7 psi, but the engine temp seem to stay ok.
  11. big BIG props?

    do the et's act like a higher pitched prop, meaning will the 26 actually be closer to the 28 due to the cupping, I am torn between a 26 and a 28
  12. big BIG props?

    thanks for the input, currently I am running a 14.5x30 merc cleaver, I interested in seeing how the et performs on a euro. What height are you running the et's. I am running the cleavers 3/4 to 1" above. Mercury's concern was the bow lift.
  13. big BIG props?

    et's I am looking at getting a round ear prop like the et. I am looking more towards the 26 as a ski prop, playing around prop. When you order one from mercury, are you requesting any special cuts, i.e. stv cut. I had inquired with mercury and they strongly advised against the et due to bow lift. I cannot see pulling a skier w/ a 30" cleaver.
  14. steering systems

    thanks for the input, who did you order it from?
  15. steering systems

    I have been reading over on scream and fly about tiller arm failures on merc v-6. I purchased a used euro that had been used in salt water. The tiller is rusted w/ some of the paint flaking off. I am going to pull the powerhead and check all associated parts of the steering, dont want to experience a failure at any speed. What type of systems are others running on stv's. If I opt to go with the standard issue merc tiller, is there any reinforcements, redundant system, to back it up. After all, we are flying these boats.