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  1. ....and may you have many more!
  2. What size is the hole you're looking to fill? Eddie Marine: http://eddiemarine.com/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=82 Dana Marine: http://www.danamarineproducts.com/GroupCatProducts.cfm?CatId=5&group_id=2&page=1&CFID=1202943&CFTOKEN=4fb6ae6-f87f709c-71eb-45ed-978b-296e0d2cfa87 And if you don't like these, google "aluminum cup holder". Tons of options.
  3. Nice boat. Just curious, did you used to have a grey/black/red/white and maybe yellow,too HST?
  4. Sounds like it's on...... http://forums.screamandfly.com/forums/show...kes#post1643358
  5. Even a little silicon works. You can still get them back out if required. Were it me, I would take the archaic thing off and install a GPS speedo.
  6. Sweet. Do you think it will hook faster with those Allison buckets????
  7. I'll tell you what. A complete lack of ethics. That's what.
  8. Someone needs to engage the exhaust fan. Smell's a bit in here........ Didn't this happen a while back? SPLASHERS PISS ME OFF!!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday, Anthony. 44 is but a pup. Enjoy.
  10. I 'know' nothing for sure, that's why I called it a rumor. This is what I read: http://forum.allisonowners.com/showthread....molds#post38351
  11. Same here. Nothing but trouble. Bought GPS Speedo, Tach, H2O PSI, head temp, volt, and trim guages. You do the arithmetic. Not just a buck or two, doncha know. Volt gauge read 2 volts low from day one. Told them about it and they had me send it back for service. They tested it, said it was 'within tolerance', and sent it back. I have 3 other boat volt gauges and 4 DVMs that all show the right voltage. Go figure. Tach was flakey at higher RPMs from the get-go too. Finally quit altogether. In their defense, they WERE able to see the problem with the tach and sent me a ne
  12. I don't think so. Rumor has it, Triad got a cease and desist order on the V-21 a while back from a TN lawyer.
  13. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all you tricycle guys!!!!!
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