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  1. Happy Birthday, Anthony!

    ....and may you have many more!
  2. Cup holder

    What size is the hole you're looking to fill? Eddie Marine: http://eddiemarine.com/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=82 Dana Marine: http://www.danamarineproducts.com/GroupCatProducts.cfm?CatId=5&group_id=2&page=1&CFID=1202943&CFTOKEN=4fb6ae6-f87f709c-71eb-45ed-978b-296e0d2cfa87 And if you don't like these, google "aluminum cup holder". Tons of options.
  3. 1998 Triad V-21 Boat and matching Trailer

    Nice boat. Just curious, did you used to have a grey/black/red/white and maybe yellow,too HST?
  4. Upgrade of forums

    Looks really sharp, Larry!! Nice work. Thanks!
  5. Three Lakes Shootout and Fly In June 26-27th

    Sounds like it's on...... http://forums.screamandfly.com/forums/show...kes#post1643358
  6. Speedometer pickup question

    Even a little silicon works. You can still get them back out if required. Were it me, I would take the archaic thing off and install a GPS speedo.
  7. Dash Pics

    Sweet. Do you think it will hook faster with those Allison buckets????
  8. NTV

    I'll tell you what. A complete lack of ethics. That's what.
  9. NTV

    Someone needs to engage the exhaust fan. Smell's a bit in here........ Didn't this happen a while back? SPLASHERS PISS ME OFF!!!!!
  10. Happy B-Day Anthony SS

    Happy Birthday, Anthony. 44 is but a pup. Enjoy.
  11. Can you have a triad v-21 built anymore

    I 'know' nothing for sure, that's why I called it a rumor. This is what I read: http://forum.allisonowners.com/showthread....molds#post38351
  12. winter mods

    Same here. Nothing but trouble. Bought GPS Speedo, Tach, H2O PSI, head temp, volt, and trim guages. You do the arithmetic. Not just a buck or two, doncha know. Volt gauge read 2 volts low from day one. Told them about it and they had me send it back for service. They tested it, said it was 'within tolerance', and sent it back. I have 3 other boat volt gauges and 4 DVMs that all show the right voltage. Go figure. Tach was flakey at higher RPMs from the get-go too. Finally quit altogether. In their defense, they WERE able to see the problem with the tach and sent me a new one. 2 defects out of 6 sounds a bit high to me?
  13. Can you have a triad v-21 built anymore

    I don't think so. Rumor has it, Triad got a cease and desist order on the V-21 a while back from a TN lawyer.
  14. Merry Christmas....

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all you tricycle guys!!!!!
  15. Rigging help/ choices

    If you've really got a welded skeg (or anything else), find a solid gearcase before you stand on it hard. Also, check it (it being a solid case) EVERY time out for signs of of cracks. Your family will thank you.
  16. Gearcase swap question...

    All 2.5 20" Sporty's and CLE's and regular 2.4/2.5 cases are interchangable. Bolt it on and go.
  17. Sisgn on

    Sounds like you have your cookies disabled. What browser are you using?
  18. Logging on problems

    Never had that problem. You might want to lose your cookies. Or at least clear them. If this makes no sense, let us know what browser you're using and we can lead you.
  19. 2007 SRV........ build

    Really neat post. I was starting to really get into this in the late 80s. If I may, where on the old Miss did you run? Wish I had been there. Great story. Thanks.
  20. 2005 River Rocket

    Hey Ripper.... Your offer would carry more credence with an attached picture. I can post one if you like. Lemme look around a bit here..... hehehe
  21. sportmaster kilo runs feb 24th

  22. 2005 River Rocket

    Another view from the Fall Goat Run:
  23. 2005 River Rocket

    Anopther shot, courtesy of Mr. Ripinski.
  24. 2005 River Rocket

    Here's a shot. Jon, I think I have better ones at home. I'll check later.