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  1. Evin Rude

    STVs at JASPER

    It was the best year ever for STV in Jasper with STV's winning the top three classes.
  2. Evin Rude

    Add Full Throttle Powerboats Quartershots forum

    Good idea. Here is mine....................
  3. Evin Rude

    STVs at JASPER

  4. Evin Rude

    STVs at JASPER

  5. Evin Rude

    STVs at JASPER

    Bad STV
  6. Evin Rude

    I see AQUAholic is over

    I read that thread. I really like the part about "He said he didnt know it was broke". Say what? Unreal,.........what a crook. Your friend needs to invest in one of these for dealing with butt heads like that dude. ER
  7. Evin Rude


    If I may................... Going as fast as you can with low cost is always good. For lake riding, you guys have some great ideas. Deal is, with the crowd jphii is trying to run with (ODBA), you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to win. You might win a pass or two but the overall win is tough as hell to get unless your rig will really march. As far as really marching, in my experience, you gotta turn a looper 9500-9600 with a riteous prop and gearing to be competitive in your respective class, no matter which class you choose. You also need to have 200+ pounds of compression in order to get the boat to slam hard off the start. With this combo of compression and rpm range, the factory style ignition (no matter who builds it) just dont seem to want to get the job done as far as I have seen. The Yammie stuff seems better, though no where as potent as the Merc's 2 step stator deal. The MSD has its drawbacks ($$$, no charging system and complex) but once done, it is pretty rugged, makes a hell of a fire and will go to 11K RPM or maybe more even with 250-260 pounds of compression. About the 11K......I seen it on a Merc, but I know Bush has turned a looper that high on the dyno. I guess the deal is, a sharp knife is a hell of a good weapon in the right circumstances. But sometimes, only a belt fead weapon will do. ER
  8. Evin Rude

    DDT scaners

    You really from Florida? Eh? LOL ER
  9. Evin Rude

    DDT scaners

    Spinners are good...............I forgot to mention he is putting that verado on a sweet glitter-flake 1978 comp vector. The transom is a bit iffy, but with the right prop, she should really fly! LOL ER
  10. Evin Rude

    DDT scaners

    Yes and REALLY hard......heavy ya know. LOL ER BTW, BadTriad has a verado that he is putting a spoiler kit and a fart-can exhaust on........should be real kool!
  11. Evin Rude

    Blank port map form

    Wayne, your doing good. AS you know, mosta my stuff is.......well......pretty far out there. There is one pretty good way to tell what you are going to get when you cut a 2 stroke.........Tip these readers off to the use of a degree wheel if they havn't already been schooled. I see your blank sheets have the spots for the readings. ER
  12. Evin Rude

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    I'm sure you have figgured.....as far as power goes.....some is good, more is better and too much is just barely enough. Just my humble opinion. LOL ER
  13. Evin Rude

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    You better put more motor on it than one of those tiny 2.5 Merkreez if you want that boat to roll May I suggest an OMC V6 with 3.8 or so liters????????...........or you could put a Suzy on it and use that as an excuse.......LOL Looks real nice. I am sure it will run great! ER
  14. Evin Rude

    decked block,?

    The best way to check piston to head clearance is with solder. Get some .060" solder and cut off enough to make a ring that fits in the bore, about 3/8" smaller. Stick the solder ring to the piston with some grease. Assemble the head with the gasket you want to use, preferrably a used gasket that has already been crushed. Turn the crank with a big wrench, you will feel the solder flatten out moving the piston thru TDC. Take the head off and check the thickness of the flattened solder with a caliper, micrometer etc, that is your squish clearance. If you use the Merc 26cc Drag heads, you gotta get right out at the edge of the piston with the solder cause of the tapered quench. I have run OMC's as tight as .035" and had no problems using this method to check. I dont think either rod stretches enough to be a problem unless something else goes wrong. like blowing a gasket or loosing compression. 2 strokes keep the rod in compression as long as everything is working correct. They are either building compression or making power at TDC. Unless something goes wrong, the rod never has to pull the piston down from TDC. ER
  15. Evin Rude


    Stay away from the XR4, the gearcase sucks. Yes, they are a detuned 2.4/200 but they have other crappy parts also. I would go with the 1991 200 to start with. Unless you are a whiz with tuning 2 stroke carbs or just enjoy replacing parts, go with the most factory stock horsepower you can afford in these carb motors. ER