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    new ride

    [attachmentid=2270]new running pic
  2. no sunburn casey.but serious windburn from the 74 mile trip.
  3. it was hideous out yesterday so a few of us went to the river.
  4. Craig,there is no such thing as too much,i'm trying to talk the owner out of the 4 liter,then i'll have Galen stroke it and add three stages of nitrous.that would barely be adequate. Allen
  5. the 4 liter is complete,just apart.i'm thinking on the 12" mid it would look real good on my mirage.just think of the bling factor! allen
  6. Randy,the second one down[the unpainted one] is supposed to be an experimental 4 liter that was never produced.i'll get some pictures of the back and ports and post them. Allen
  7. Canadian,red shirt Dan Pine,local super stock terror.Black shirt,Acie Stringfield,pro Gas driver. as for the hp of those motors i don't have a clue,i've heard too many different claims to be sure.maybe someone that knows will post.
  8. aero

    What MOTOR

    ER, is that an example of what the new bomb performance stuff is going to be, or just someone who really tricked out their motor (or is it yours?). Looks great what ever it is. Oh yeah, merc 260, bone stock with a wuss A37 box that hits the wall at approx 7300 rpms. 101mph with a 30 ET, 1996 Stv Euro. fish,that's Acie Stringfield's 1st generation pro gas motor.3.4 liter big bore.the next version is a 3.7 liter stroker.[attachmentid=1994]
  9. aero

    What MOTOR

    i think i have seen that motor before.it's in it's second generation. STROKER 95 mirage skiracer-3 liter closed deck erude-8290-28 pitch-hoss triton-107-108
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