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    Here's another...
  2. Scream And Fly

    King of the lake!

    Just make sure I'm there with a camera - I have some new lenses that need breaking in too. Greg
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    RPM Racing: We did not lock or remove the post. Jay did - all members on the forum have the option to remove their own posts. When the thread-starter removes the first post, the entire thread gets removed. We have always had this option available to all members. I won't comment on much of what Marc said because there simply is no way I can debate someone who has no clue or any factual information on what my agreement is with JSRE or any of my other sponsors. If someone is unclear about our forum policy, they can call or mail me anytime. I am very easy to reach. Marc is not telling you why he was banned from Scream And Fly - or rather, why all six of his login names were banned. It is not my place to discuss the details of this publicly, and that would not be fair to Marc. I will say that his removal from Scream And Fly had nothing to do with the recent post re: JSRE. It has more to do with harassment of our members, and numerous reports and warnings to Marc. I have repeatedly asked him to call me and work this out, however, he refused. He chooses to send me harassing mails and slander me on other forums. One would think that if his intentions were honest, he would be willing to resolve the situation. Marc has stated that he does not want to discuss this, so I am left with no choice but to take action. Most people on this forum know me for several years, and although we do run a very tight ship with regard to forum behavior, we do not censure content based on personal feelings. There is a fine line between stating opinion, and causing disruption. Nevertheless, Marc's suppositions on my policies are without any basis in fact. People may or may not agree with all the decisions I make, however, I am always fair and my phone number is posted everywhere for a reason. I am always willing to take the time to work out any situation. I'm sorry this content has been posted here, but this will be my only post on the subject. Sincerely, Greg Scream And Fly, Inc.
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    Hey all! Our test boat: 1998 STV Euro with Merc 2.5 EFI Top speed (so far) 125+ MPH Greg : )
  5. Scream And Fly

    HEY HYDROstream FANS

    Anthony, Does my X-Stream count? Greg
  6. Scream And Fly

    Great Job

    Larry, Although I don't own an STV, I sure do like 'em. More importantly, your efforts with STV Owners.com has really paid off - this site is a great resource for STV owners. I've had my head in the clouds so much - been way too busy, but I always stopped by to visit here to check on your progress with the site. You've done a great job! If there is anything I can ever do to help you and your efforts, please don't hesitate to contact me. Of course, this offer also applies to every other website as well. Your friend, Greg Scream And Fly.com