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  1. That boat is 20 miles south of new orleans. seen it on the road once and inquired about it on byuboyz.
  2. pirogue

    RiverRocket Restoration

    Good Job Brad, good to see you spending time in it. i hope you get to enjoy it.
  3. pirogue

    Did A little prop testing today

    i also have a cracked 29 re3. it's a sad such a good wheel won't make it.
  4. pirogue

    Did A little prop testing today

    nice test fish, thanks for sharing
  5. pirogue

    E85 fuel

    i was told it is water based, so you need special oil to run with it(red line) and wash down with regular gas afterwards.
  6. pirogue

    Steering Set Up Options

    STV keith, i think your system is safe. i have never heard of anyone crashing due to that syst. maybe it has happen but it would be rare enough that in 15 yrs boating i never heard of it. with that syst. there is never less than 2 bolts and no smaller that 5/16" with atleast a 3/8 backing them up. anyway, i have seen many of them give away on one side only(happen to me as i strolled under a bridge) and another to a friend of mine, both were on allison's. as matt said as long as its maintained i think the syst. is pretty safe. seastar on the other hand is bad in my opinion, it just scare's the crap out of me. this is a very good thread, there is no telling how many lives it could save as we educate each other and discuss failures
  7. pirogue

    Steering Set Up Options

    there have been deaths and serious injuries linked to the seastar syst. you can do a search. at least 1 death in my area last month linked to seastar in a euro. my allison bass has it and handles great at 100mph but it's not the safest syst. i also may need to update components on my river rocket as they are getting old and dry rot(pulley and cable). this will be something i will address here for help and advice.
  8. pirogue


    very very nice ride Dave. good luck with it!
  9. pirogue


    Great! keep us informed and good luck with it.
  10. pirogue

    skeg question

    here is a pic of mine's
  11. pirogue

    RiverRocket Restoration

    sound's good, i was just asking cause i ran 106.5 gps with a prostock motor which is a stock 2.5 200 rotating assy and block with 32cc heads and high perf. ecu and stock xri fuel inj. i had a 26 cleaver on at that time, it turned 8300. that was at 1400lbs as it sat in the water with me in it. btw, great job on the resto. it really looks good.
  12. pirogue

    RiverRocket Restoration

    what is the motor that you pulled off? how heavy is the boat?
  13. pirogue

    skeg question

    Brad, here is another mod you may want to chew on. if the skeg is full length you can trim the bottom 3/4"-1" or even with the bottom of the wheel. ive done it to mine without any issues and i've been to 126mph. those skegs are real thick.
  14. pirogue


    there is one on boattraderonline.com i think. tricia tradwinds is selling it.
  15. pirogue

    skeg question

    if it were mine i would get rid of that annoying point and do this. just a suggestion.