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  1. did you run this on your euro,if you did ,howed it work,looking for another prop for my eurothanks Dave. Hi Dave. I did not run this on my Euro but they do run good on STV's. The prop was sold and I forgot to edit this post. Randy.
  2. Here's one of my old Euro and a friends Vegas XT from last fall. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3689048859677004187
  3. Nice condition with the weedcutters removed and a little extra cup added. Also has the leading edges cut back like a Hoss Triton. Fits standard 15 spline shaft. 300.00 shipped free to the lower 48 states.
  4. Excellent condition. This is a awesome accelerator !! I have more photos to e-mail on request. Thanks. Randy.
  5. This cut runs great on STV's, HydroStreams, and Bullets. I'm sure it will run great on most any perfromance hull just like the Lightning ET does. This will have slightly more lift than an ET. 300.00 with free shipping. I have more photos if needed.
  6. Need some quick cash, new price is 300.00 shipped.
  7. New price, 300.00 shipped free. Very good condition ET copy cut from big ear Merc Chopper. Leading edges have been rolled up for better holeshot and trailing edges have slightly more angle for better lift. Fits standard shaft Merc, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda. Will fit Evinrude & Johnson if the splines are drilled a little deeper.
  8. ***** ALL PROPS FIT STANDARD SHAFT ONLY ***** 13-1/4 x 24 chopper for a OMC V4. ***** 175.00 ***** 14 x 24 Merc chopper that will also fit OMC. ***** 175.00 ***** 14.5 x 22 Merc choppers that will also fit OMC. ***There are 3 of these.*** 14.5 x 24 Merc chopper. 14 x 26 Big Ear Merc Chopper. ***** 175.00 ***** I have two photos of each prop and thay are all 7 or 8 on the S&F scale. Each prop is 250.00 + 15.00 shipping unless otherwise noted. Price is firm with no trades accepted. These are not my props. If interested in photos send me your e-mail address. ***** ALL PROPS FIT STANDARD SHAFT ONLY *****
  9. Hi Lloyd. Any info, history & photos you have on it would be great. How's everything going, havent heard from you in a while. E-mail me at, arrr@cebridge,net thats my new e-mail. Dont remember if you have that one yet or not. C-ya.
  10. http://www.stvowners.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=323&st=60. Does anyone now where and when this photo was taken ? The Euro in the backround. It's the boat Adam ( Bluelixer ) bought a couple years ago. Heres a saved photo and the link to the post it appeared in.
  11. Guess I should join in. Have not been on here in a long time.
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