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  1. DAMN....Mike that has always been a fear of mine. Everyear you see someone hook and the other guy usually goes right on by because he was close enough that when the boat hooked and lost so much speed the other gets by it. Have you ever seen a race where they contact??? I can't imagine making it out of that alive.
  2. Keith, I really don't know if he would sell them. I would say your first step would be to get in touch with him and if he is interested then I will grab RBT and take a look at them to see if they are still any good. They have been kept inside which is good. I think the number PaulB posted up is still the right number, if you need help with a phone number let me know and I will find you one. Do you live right in Las Vegas?? I am heading there the first weekend of Dec. for a stag with a group of married guys that will be blowing $$ on gambling and hoes and it just does not interest me much. Looking for cool stuff or race shops to check out, ideally maybe a nearby race track or drag strip to see some cars run???
  3. I am pretty sure he still has them, they are in a shop right down the road from where I live. If I were you I would think about ordering a new River Rocket deck lid from Jack Barsh and go that route.
  4. There is a nice Carbon fiber ModVP for sale on Scream and Fly in Kentucky. I saw it maybe a month ago and it is MINT.
  5. Haulinshit is building nothing but a SPLASH. It is no different than stealing. I could care less what materials he uses, the moulds that he is putting/laying them into are JUNK. This "heavily inspired" BS is enough to make me sick to my stomach. He bought the old Lightening powerboat moulds from Florida which were well known for one thing....building crap boats. I don't understand why Mike Nass does not just MAN up and admit were the moulds came from, admit they are a splash and admit that nothing about them is originally his. And then offer a product built with good materials for a fair price if that is what he wants to do. This dead horse has been beaten before. And one last thing, Mike you really need to clean your website up from all the bull-chit lies that are on it.
  6. The very early ones had a pressed in small shaft hub.
  7. I just can't help but point out some major BULL CHIT after reading this guys web-site!! This is all from his FAQ section on his site Question: Your boats look a lot like an STV… What’s the deal? Answer: Well, your right on the money… How I got into this was I wanted to buy an STV River Rocket, but as you probably know, Roarke Summerford who originally designed several different STV’s over the years has long since ceased building them… The different molds have been passed around through several hands over the years and as I understand it, the Euro and River Rocket decks and Mod VP hull mold, now reside in the South East, and I’ve heard another drag mold sits in Easter Canada and I believe I have the Ski Hull Mold with the Inverted-V. BTW… this particular hull design is the one that has hit the fastest known speed for a hull of this type at just a tick over 151 mph on radar. Anyway, the last guy who had them (River Rocket Molds) was only building the odd one, mainly for friends, so after waiting for several years with no luck being able to buy a new one or even find a good used one, I decided I had to take matters into my own hand. I knew there was some of the old Cougar Boats guys around, plus some from Eagle (Drag Boats) and I though if I could pull some of these resources together, we might have something… So off I went… I borrowed heavily from the STV deck designs and in my opinion cleaned them up significantly… If you notice the originals had these goofy looking steering cable exit tubes that just are not relevant anymore, so we got rid of those… As well I’m into clean and smooth, so we removed the recession in the deck sides and got rid of the lovers in the rear corners… again just to clean it up… We then flattened the dash to allow more flexibility when rigging the dash area, the stock set-up really limited you with the raised area for the center steering… and finally made it a 15 inch style transom… so no cutting or putting a plug in the 20 inch mold is needed. Again, we just cleaned it up and made what I consider a cleaner, straighter boat. Problem with this statement is the boat Dixon ran 151 does not have this bottom on it, and to add to this there are very few people out there that would ever argue the "ski" bottom is better far anything other than splashig water on your face. Secondly he states "I borrowed heavily" now come on you must think your customers are as DUMB as you are. Just admit that you bought the Lightening moulds and move on with it. Question : Is it legal to build a boat so similar to the original STV design? Answer : This topic came up on the Internet, and I quote statements that a fellow made who was very up to date on the laws for doing so… these are quotes… “The fact is that the STV is not a protected design and anyone can legally copy it.” “You can't "copyright" the hull design.” If you were the designer “You can have it patented or design protected. Neither of which apply to the 20 + year old hull design of the STV.” Or anyone who not may possess any of the existing molds… “ Think of it like this “Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone but aren't you glad other companies were allowed to copy it and improve on it? Same basic principle. Patents are only good for a set amount of time and when they expire anyone can copy what was patented. The government doesn't protect patent rights either, it is the patent holders responsibility to protect his patent. If he fails to do so within a set period of time the patent is considered worthless. The STV has no protection from patents or from design protection laws” “Even if it had been protected the patent would have expired by now allowing complete copies.” Think about it like this… People all over the world are making aftermarket parts that improve on the original design… We are just taking a quality design that was way ahead of it’s time and in our opinion improving upon it. Now if this does not sound like a defence statement then I will give up now. Question: Can you build me a super light weight race only lay-up under 500lbs Answer: You Bet! We are always happy and frankly quite exited to do unique builds… I caution you though, we will only do things right… So to get the weight down, you need to use better products which will bring up the cost… Many other builders just use less materials, which just does not work… For example I just heard about a guy in the East who picked up a 500 pound “Race only” tunnel hull and on the very first pass it cracked the deck right where the forward bulkhead is… This was just a drag race which no significant torsional loads! Imagine how it will last after a couple seasons with perhaps some lake use thrown in for fun? So you need to do it right and as a user, you need to be realistic, do you really need a boat that light, will you really only use it as you plan to now? Now this one is my favourite of all this crap. Mike Nass could not build a sub 500 pound strong boat to save his life. His reference to the "guy out East" is ME. I raced a 474 pound boat and got the thing AIRBORN as in 2' feet out the water and the results were a 1" crack in the gel where the front bulkhead meets the side of the boat. I was surprised the thing did not bust to splinters to be honest with you. I have put many more hours on this boat in everyday lake running and there has not been another stress crack in it. What my hull shows is what a light boat built by a guy with EXPERIENCE can handle. This guy is a JOKE.
  8. These boats are being made in Canada, the builder (Mike Nass) will not admit it but they are the old Lightening moulds. If you look at the facts you will realize: 1. The moulds are crap and many of the more complicated hull details are not in the mould. 2. They are heavy as crap. 3. They are WAY overpriced. 4. Call Jack Barsh and buy a "REAL" one for less money that will be stronger and 200 pounds lighter. This thread can be locked there is no further need for discussion on this in my opinion. Oh did I mention I hate it when people steal and splash something that they should have payed for.
  9. He will do it whatever way you want, if you want a custom paint job I would assume he would do the boat in all white gel, if you want a gel coat boat then he would layout your colors in the mould. He is a good guy to deal with, I bought a new boat off him a year ago and he is easy to deal with.
  10. No they are not out of business. Triad powerboats sold the STV molds to Full Thottle powerboats in FL. Call Jack Barsh he will build you a sweet Rocket for next summer. Do a search you will find all the contact info and the entire story.
  11. RPM Racing

    race cowl

    Call Jack Barsh, he builds them now and will build you a VERY light one in any colour you want. 904-448-4029
  12. I think Preston Carpenter has a bowrider, he goes by Polepile on Byuboyz.
  13. In all honesty I am just screwing around, but the Q-shot comes out HARD. With some setup and seat time I have full confidence that I will get results out of that boat, Driver pretty much proved that last weekend. I would have to say that the under 20' performance boat buying options and availability have never looked better.
  14. Or do you want to get a STV and haul ass on the other end??
  15. You can't get rid of me that easy. I have to say that I had no doubt that Jack's Stv's would be SWEET, plus he is a very good guy to deal with it...which is a BIG improvement over the past. Now your only decision is do you want to buy a Q-shot and have a WICKED launch
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