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  1. Round ear over hub props work well with most Mirages. As with any tunnel boat, cleavers are your best bet for top end, but holeshot suffers. I can spin a 30 Hoss Triton 7100 RPMs with my 2.4 200. The boat gets a little kitey, but it just makes me that much more careful. My everyday prop is a 26" Merc big ear chopper. I tried a Yammy drag prop once and loved it!! The boat was more stable than it had ever been and didn't slip a bit coming out of the hole. The only drawback was I lost 3 MPH on the top compared to a similarly pitched round ear. I want to track down a bigger Yammy or thicker Yammy copy to try/buy when my boat fund builds back up. I was going to try a 27" SRX once but looking at the cup it had, I was leary about how much lift it would give, so I passed. The big difference I've seen between Mirages and STV's is that the really fast STV's run flat while the Mirage rides nose high. Something to think about.
  2. Yup sho' nuff is. I bought it from Greg back in November. Drove out to Texas from Florida to pick it up and bring it home. That's why some of the pics still have the TX registration numbers and some have the new FL numbers. Here's a pic taken a couple of minutes after leaving Greg Moss's place and heading home.
  3. Anthony, I had to figure a long-haired guitar playin hot boater had to be alright. Heck, I'll even over look the Canadian thing. You'll have to swing by and have dinner at the house or something when y'all come down to see the Stanley Cup. Seriously, thanks to everybody who put this together.
  4. One more photo courtesy of Greg Terzian and Scream and Fly.com
  5. This one is the wallpaper on my computer at work.
  6. Here's some pics of my '88 River Racer w/ a carbureted 2.4 It ain't the fastest thing out there, but it sho' is fun.
  7. Thank you!!! This is a very cool gesture! Alright Mirage owners, its up to us to make the best of this gift!! Rock On!
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