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  1. A Loss to our STV Community

    this is terrible news. He will truly be missed
  2. New to me STV

    I've lived int he Canton / Akron Ohio area all my life and never seen that boat. There are very few performance boats in this area...starting to get more. Who did you buy it from? INSTIGATOR on S&F may have some info
  3. Some Recent pix

    That looks like the boaat G-Train recently sold
  4. NTV

    Blast from the past? http://www.stvowners.com/forum/index.php?s...8&hl=splash

    Gotta love these knock-off wanna be's So lame they even copy gelcoat grahpics to make them look like the real deal. Sad part is this happens way more than we know..not just boats either
  6. 2007 SRV........ build

    If anyone is interested, Rob has this boat for sale right now with out power.
  7. 2007 SRV........ build

    Very nice Rob. I can't imagine how excite you must be to finally bet getting near completion
  8. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Very nice...let's see some pics of it rigged and wet Rob
  9. Just said "I'll take it". (oop's!)

    LOL, I said the same thing
  10. Doesn't Yammer or Firestarter have a couple?
  11. Just said "I'll take it". (oop's!)

    Yes! Gary has been converted to a tunnel boater, LOL Again, congrats on the new ride, I know I told you on the phone Gary, but you deserve this. I got that blue bottle you need
  12. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Will it be ready for Rumble 06 Rob? Did you get the email I sent you? I've been having weird email issues again.
  13. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Inquiring minds are waiting
  14. We need something new to talk about.

    Re: Alpha SS uppers. Some local guys here ran Alpha AA lower units with their Small blocks for years, 500-1100 HP and went through at least 8 drive gear sets a season (and in Ohio that season isn't very long). Blown out upper gears, cracked housings, you name it, they broke it over and over and over. Kinda made sence when they went to the BlackHawk (also discontimued). Also, Alpha SS parts are limited now that they aren't made anymore.
  15. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Looks like someone has been busy
  16. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Sanding and buffing might be more safe. If I remember correctly all your snowmobile stories involve someone being drunk, and the snowmobile ending up in a tree LOL. Get back to sanding
  17. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Can't say I blame you. LOL
  18. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    I kno what ya mean man. Did the bottom of the Rocket twice. Keep some of that Canadian beer handy, your nerves will appreciate it, LOL.
  19. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Looking good Rob! Glad to see you're still coming along on this project. That DuraTech primer is fun ain't it. I got to sand bunches of it a few years back
  20. Rocket with 12" Mid, Pics or opinions

    ..uh oh, all the stories you guys tell about Snowmobiling involve a sled getting stuck in a tree....
  21. Rocket with 12" Mid, Pics or opinions

    Mike Dixon has 2 river rockets with 12" mids on them. 1 has a speedy and the other has a shiftable. He could probably give you the best info.

    I got a funny feeling I already know what you're talking about

    now why does that not suprise me
  24. Happy Birthday Larry !

    Happy Birthday Larry. Hope it was a great one