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  1. Euro Trailer

    Who makes a good aluminium trailer for a Euro...What is being used out there?
  2. Triad STV Interior

    Anyone where Triad purchased the custom full padded seats they were putting in the Euros. These replaced the snap in skins/covers. Called Triad w/o much success.
  3. Triad Question

    What year did Wally start making the STV Euro. I know the history from the Mississippi boys and before that just not sure when Wally (triad) started production. Thanks, John
  4. Trade Euro For RR

    Did this sell? How much or is it available w/o power? Thanks
  5. 1997 STV's

    The STV in question is on boat trader .com does the $10k seem like a good price/deal?
  6. 1997 STV's

    Are there any quality issues to be aware of with regard to the 1997 STV's, knowing the molds were changing hands in or around that timeframe?
  7. XR-2 on Euro

    Leo, Did some checking on "cross border shopping". New 2002 200HP EFI $8300 New 2002 175HP EFI $7600 Also found a 2001 225HP Demo with full Mercury warantee $7300
  8. XR-2 on Euro

    These are some numbers I had a few years ago. They should still be good (?) Your Nearest Dealer for Mercury High Performance: Marine USA; Worcester, MA 508-791-7116 & Obsession Boat Lynn, MA 617-592-0074 Mercury Marine - Canada (not sure if this is the High Performance group but if the number is still good they could probably help) 905-567-6372
  9. XR-2 on Euro

    Something else I thought of... sometime ago I talked to the Aeromarine software guys (seen on S&F) they did some testing on a Euro and I asked them if a 122 cu in (2.OL) 150 HP modified to a 175 HP had enough power to push a Euro over the hump that all tunnels have. With some Guess-ta-mations they felt that with a 122 cu in (2.0L) 150/175HP with the ideal set up that 85 would be possible. They also felt a 24''- 26'' prop would be needed to achieve this.
  10. XR-2 on Euro

    I have wanted a Euro for a few years & have not made the move yet but in doing some research with various STV dealers I was told that with my 122 cu in 150 which has G Force cut heads 32cc, G Force tuner, L&S reeds etc. (my guess being 175 hp) I would see speeds in the middle to high 70's
  11. XR-2 on Euro

    I have a copy of the Mercury Race Outboards book for 2000 and it lists the XR-2 as 122 cu in with the following Peak HP @ 7k Bore 3.125'' Stroke 2.65" Induction System: Carburator 16 Amp Alternator 1.87:1 Gears in the SM Fuel Oil Retio 32:1 Recommended fuel 92 Octane 400 Lbs This may be different for the 97 year. The OEM manual for my 1993 150 Mercury also a 122 cu in lists the XR 6 as 153 cu in
  12. 97 - 99 years

    Reason for the question is I saw a 97 Euro on Boat Trader and knew the molds changed hands a few times and that there may have been quality issues...Anymore info would be appreciated.
  13. 97 - 99 years

    Who built the 97 - 99 Euros. Am I correct that the 98 & 99's were built in Mississippi? And the 97's were built in/by?
  14. 2000  Triad STV Euro Ski

    Mike, Could you post the photos (cann't find them) & what state are you in?