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    1995 Summmerford STV Euro 1998 2.5 merc 300 drag
  1. Hey guys, I bought a EURO!

    Bluelixir you said the euros where a little pricy well the old saying is you get what you pay for i know the history on that euro you have. It started as a 1998 Mississippi build HP Euro the color of it was white with black stripes the trans has been cut down after it was made and the last time i saw it had cracks in the trans bad ones the boat is in bad shape. Good luck with your euro i think you would be a lot better off to pay more and get a nicer boat.
  2. STV Euro For Sale

    1995 STV Euro with 1998 merc 300 drag lots of extras selling out call for price (812)945-1705 ask for Paul
  3. STV in Kentucky

    Waterdog my Euro is up for sale give me call (812)945-1705 ask for Paul or you will see the boat at Rumble on the river.
  4. STV in Kentucky

    Hello signpro i live in southern Indiana right across the river from Louisville Kentucky i have a 1995 STV Euro with 1998 merc 2.5 300 drag love the boat. I most of my boating is in Indiana at Potaka lake would be glad to give you a ride give me a call (812) 945-1705 ask for Paul.
  5. 1995 Summerford STV Euro with 1998 Merc 300 Drag call (812) 945-1705 ask for Paul
  6. How many Tunnel Vee owners here???

    Techno you have a tunnel vee STV stands for Summerford Tunnel Vee

    Thanks but no thanks had my fill organizing gatherings with a car club that i was president of at one time.

    I'm sorry Anthony but I think the STV gathering would be nice if it was held in Tenn close to where there is a chance of having Mr. Summerford attend the event.