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  1. Yes the boat is sold I trailered it to Seattle and as Jeff said it is on its way to Alaska.I had a great time meeting Jeff and getting a tour around the Seattle area.Driving through Montana,Idaho and Washington was a blast seeing the countryside.Im still on the trip back home I stopped in Calgary Alberta to see family and friends.I can post some pics of the trip when I get home there was lots to see.Good luck with the boat Jeff I Know your gonna love it. Jody
  2. Thanks Bruce I actually havent been trying too hard to sell the boat.I would rather keep the boat,but I want to move up to something bigger for the lake I run on. Right now Im king of the lake up here in Northern Manitoba aint nothin can touch this boat.
  3. Jeff I will call you saturday I was in the shop working on other projects. Jody
  4. Its still for sale the boat is located in Manitoba Canada.I can help out with long distance shipping if that is an issue. Jody
  5. If I sell the boat separate I can let the boat trailer and jackplate go for $9500.00 US. Thanks Jody
  6. I had a great time with the Euro in Avon Minnesota at GPI.It was great talking with John Iverson, John Graff, Jay ferrel, Randy and Peter.We got the euro setup and running great.It was fun testing with Iverson and Jay who where getting ready for the MN hoatboat meet and the drags in Little Falls MN.I couldnt stay for the action at the drags being of time constraints hopefully next time.Hey Randy next time I will bring the swimming gear since it was 100 degrees out when the guys where testing.Its always a great time to talk and boat with the guys at GPI there always something new happening there. Thanks again Jody
  7. Here is one of the dash Bruce,If you want I can email you some.I dont want to take up too much space on the site.
  8. 1995 Summerford STV Euro with a Merc 260 EFI offshore,sportsmaster gearcase.I added a Graffrig speedo and tach also a dewiller hydraulic jackplate.The boat is clean and well kept.I installed an aluminum transom brace to strengthen the transom and prevent the hairline cracks in the gelcoat that can occur.The boat has full running lights, the factory skipole and boat,motor covers.The motor is a fresh rebuild from Randy Pierson at GPI.I also have a 14 1/2 28" Mazco RE 3 that was worked by GPI and a 28" Merc Lightning ET that I will be selling separate from the boat. More pictures are available on request.Im asking $18500 US for the whole rig and can be reached at valjody@mts.net or 204 -623- 1366. Thanks Jody
  9. The Motor sounds like its gonna haul Procomp.I got the Euro and the GPI mill out on the weekend also, running my 28 Mazco that I got Randy to tune for me.The boat handles completely different and was a rush running in the triple digits.I didnt get a chance to run the 28 lightning ET for comparison hopefully next time.
  10. What Geoff is leaving the dark side,wow the young jedi is seeking the force of the STV EH!
  11. Yeah there is still a few months away from trying the new 2.5.But I can still sit in the boat with some cold ones and wave to people driving by with the music playing.Hey Randy maybe you can have a performance boat and a custom rod shop.With a name like maybe GPI motorsports with your own tv show having the progress of each unit in its different stages.Man that would be something to watch you would get viewers from all sorts. Just one of my ideas as I was sittin daydreaming in the euro.
  12. Yeah im gonna head down to Randys on the 14th.I should be able to fit everything in my trailer for the ride home.At least this way all my supplies will be in my shop when I start project X.Heres a pic of the euro with the GPI motor bolted on, the decals match the boat perfectly.
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