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  1. STV Owners... 5th Annual Georgia/South Carolina "King of the Hill" Rally August 28, 29, 30... Rally will take place on Clarks Hill Lake. Savannah Lakes is holding the same room rate of $75.00 + tax for us that they have for ALL the rallies. We only have 75 rooms blocked so you better go ahead and make your reservations. This is a very nice resort and the rooms are well worth $75.00 a night. SAVANNAH LAKES RESORT 101VILLAGE DRIVE McCORMICK, SC 29835 1-800-544-8912 Reservations 1-864-391-2152 Front Desk http://www.savannahlakesresort.com/ A great looking T-shirt with 3 boats and stunt planes on the logo has been designed by Scott for this year's event. We are now taking T-shirt orders so please let us know how many and what sizes you need. We look forward to seeing everyone... Dockage available upon request at SAVANNAH LAKES Marina. Poker run Saturday so start planning. For questions you can email Scott LEONTHARPE@aol.com
  2. 2 1999 225 Promax SS drop on Power Heads complete. $5,000.00 each. 2 1999 2.5 Cowls complete. $500.00 each. __________________ Call David Pou in Chapin, SC. (803) 345-0155
  3. Dinomite

    STV Custom Race Boats Ball Cap

    Thanks for the link, are you coming to the GA/SC Rally?? Dean
  4. Dinomite

    STV Custom Race Boats Ball Cap

    Fish Gotta have one...... How much... Same color! Dean
  5. Dinomite

    STV Custom Race Boats Ball Cap

    Hello Fish I thought with all the STV owners on this page this would be a different post. From the old days when I had my first STV in 1987 with a Bridgeport 2.4. Figured Anthony would get a kick out of it with his knowledge of STVs. Dean
  6. Dinomite

    2004 Triad STV euro for sale

    Visit this web page to see pictures of 2004 STV Euro For Sale.
  7. I found this STV Custom Race Boats Cap in a box cleaning up over the weekend. This cap is from the mid to late 80's. Check it out...
  8. Dinomite

    new euro wanted

    2004 STV Triad Euro White w/yellow & purple pin stripes in gel coat matching purple carpet, purple powder coated bezels Rockford fosgate system Custom Line Tandem Axle trailer white w/purple & yellow pin stripes removable tongue 2003 Mercury 2.5 - 280 ~60 hours This boat/motor/trailer is in excellent condition, garage kept, no blemishes, never beached - anchored off-shore. This is a 100+ MPH ride. $31,000.00 SERIOUS ONLY, no joy rides! Call Chris Lamos (803) 279-7410
  9. Dinomite

    Scream & Fly- dead

    I still can not get in.... What's the Tick to the forms?????
  10. Dinomite


    Great day at the lake...
  11. Dinomite


    1990 STV
  12. Dinomite

    Lets see who owns the STV's

    I purchased this STV with a Sprint Deck last year. I am also in the 50+ category, but bought my first STV with a 2.4 bridgeport in 1987.
  13. Dinomite

    Blow Over

    I have personally seen two STV's blow over. One Green and black in 1987 by B Morris at a Peanut Boil on the Savannah River, and it looked high as a Georgia pine. Second was at Clarks Hill Lake, Ga. (B. Agues) racing me in 1988 in Keg Creek late on afternoon at dusk. I learned never fall in behind another STV at speed. I do own a STV now, and probably always will. Great way to spend a Sunday with friends........ Have I fallen out before? YES.. Even found my tennis shoes still in the boat I was wearing. But what a ride. It was my own fault.