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  1. The wedge on the pad basically lifts the transom of the boat and gives the boat more of a level profile while at higher speeds. If you add too much it won't allow enough bow lift but in my experience if I didn't have enough the bow was flighty. I would try some cleavers and see how it acts.
  2. Actually in the process of swapping mine over to a 15" mid. I had Hydrodynamics make me a 10 rapid jack so I could lose some weight off the back of the boat.
  3. Thats great hopefully you can turn some big numbers. Which style prop Hoss is it?
  4. Oh a 3.0 liter thats pretty cool. I would try a cleaver to try and get the back of the boat up some. Does the bow get flighty at all? With a 4 blade the boat should drive pretty good I would think
  5. What gearcase are you running? Prop? engine size? What layup is your boat? Sounds like you are on the right path, I know some of te earlier ones were kinda heavy which is why it may not have any wedge on the pad. Throw some sot in the left back corner to counter balance your weight, she should fly level.
  6. What year is your boat? How much setback? See if you can still feel some wedge or lip on the back edge of the pad... it won't be much? If you are drag racing there is some work that will help air the boat out quicker, but is expensive.
  7. What would you like to know about pad modifications?
  8. Stainless Marine 4" hydraulic jackplate with pump and lines $600obo Hydrodynamics 6-8" setback bracket powdercoated black $150obo This is coming off my boat as soon as my new jackplate arrives, I am swapping to a 15" midsection. All these parts are as clean as new and have never been in salt water.
  9. I would think between 6-8 inches of setback would be optimal with the 3 liter, and then just play with the engine height. Contact Rich Owens on Scream and Fly he has one with a 300.
  10. I am going to put together another Poker Run on Saturday October 11th. It will begin at 10am, that way it should be finished by noon in time to watch the races. You can sign up for the poker run on Friday or Saturday morning and will be $20 per person that would like to participate. The best hand will take all. The card stops will be clearly marked with large orange flags and the third stop will be the turn around point which will be around 10 miles south of Chattanooga and the last stop will be at the ramp when you return. Cards will be in a envelope and MUST remain un-opened until you turn i
  11. 28cc and 35cc heads $200 for the 35's and 225 for the 28's
  12. NFB helm, 15" cables used for 1 hour $450
  13. rusrog, looked like in the last pictures you posted the boat had come a long way, shame the DNR trashed it like they did
  14. Hey Roger new engine looks great on there, hopefully you can get it dialed in soon... keep us posted on the progress
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