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  1. Trikki10106

    New member needs advice Thanks

    NOW, If John could only get you to WORK there or pay RENT there, then he wouldn't be supporting his OTHER child
  2. Trikki10106

    Performance Boating Near Boston, Mass.

    They have some organized racing in Mass and I know a couple of people who hail from Mass who run STV's. MOVING is NOT a reason to sell ones boat If ya hurry up, the ROMP is in Great Sacandaga Lake from June 8 -12, great turnout Ct River Run is early in October, and alot of stuff in between.... Hmmmmm, a Canadian PERMANENTLY relocating to the STATES
  3. Trikki10106

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Looking pretty sweet Rob I could have sworn ya paid someone to do it for ya
  4. Trikki10106

    Installing a Stereo..

    Fish, I find a passenger helps me balance out the ride in the rough. Either that or I take all my crap and throw it into the port sponson. When I'm empty, I take a bag of lead shot and toss it in the bottom of the sponson. Works miracles. Ya don't get that "Port side lift" when you're really cranking it up Allso, most "coolers" only fit on the drivers side, which only accentuates the problem.
  5. Trikki10106

    A strange lesson learned anecdote

    Now fish, don't start dumpin' water into your fuel tank
  6. Trikki10106

    New Forum

    That's if I ever get registered
  7. Trikki10106

    Euro Backseat Pics

    FLY - No matter how many parts you rob from other boats, that Stratos will always be just that
  8. Trikki10106

    how do stv`s handle the rough

    My .02 STV's can handle the rough if ya got the cajones to keep your foot into it. Slow Speed can produce some results where you might be checking the skies or rolling nose first into the next wave. The throttle is your friend. I also believe that they are not really designed for THAT much abuse with that shallow of a tunnel. If you think your going to smack 2'-3' swells, you will be repairing the boat after a year of two if your lucky. NOT an issue of structural soundness, just pacing the boat in an area it wasn't really designed for. If you looking for big water control (bite my tongue), you'd be better off keeping a Skater 21 in one piece
  9. Trikki10106

    stv copies

    Randy, It's very interesting following your posts around. I think if I glue them all together, there is ALOT of GREAT information for the guys running STV's. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Looking to hear more on this and anything else you want to slip out of your stables Thanks, Trikki Rick
  10. Trikki10106

    What I Like about STV�s

    When the mood strikes There's enough room under the dash of the Euroski for nookie OR Having a butt while your waiting out the showers to stop
  11. Trikki10106

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Hey Rob, How's things with your boat and John ?? Git your boat out of his shop cause I gotta bring mine up there He'll be replacing the center pad on my Euroski.....pretty much along the lines that your doing to your SRV.... I was reading back, 115 max in a Euroski,,,hmmmmm, I better slow down Then again, maybe that's why it broke in the first place....j/k Trikki
  12. Trikki10106


    Great stuff Wayne, In pic #2 you shot the blowout ring. You stated .30 and angled the right way. It seems as though I can only see the ring at the bottom, but it is flush with the sides. Is this intentional and could you explain just a little more ?? I assume pluggin the starboard pickup as long as it doesn't affect pressure or temp. Greatly appreciated Rick
  13. Trikki10106

    Octane Boosters

    C'mon Techno, you know how hard it is to let up once ya got your foot in it. These babies were designed to suck gas Although, you could cruise at 55 for quite a time But for me, 3 laps around the lake, scare off a few also-rans and park it for a piece to let the adrenoline to wear off and the tank is more than 1/2 empty. I believe Wally stated that the tanks went from 20 to 24 while Roark was still building them, THAT led to the level fuel fill. Quick pigs
  14. Trikki10106

    Octane Boosters

    I gotta mix anyway, so I don't have the option of oil injection. That stock fuel fill on the boat sucks, unless ya like to pour gas on the boat or have a gas station with concrete pads pitched the right way. I pour directly into the tank and leave all the stuff on the dock Just a gentle ribbing Techno, no hard lines
  15. Trikki10106

    Do STV�s Blow over?

    I am guess the flat spot is the "hump" at 80 mph where the hull fights dowwnforce vs, lift and we get that porpoise. Right now I can bang about 120 w/ a warmed over 280. Ya got Helmet breeching 124 and Raceman hitting 134. I was trying to figure out what point we are all driving "timebombs" or approaching instability on the top end Thanks much again Jim, I got alot more reading ta do Rick