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  1. brian#115

    STV Pro Comp

    i might be willing to sell mine and the hole is there to make it a center steer.
  2. brian#115

    New member needs advice Thanks

    There is a pro comp on the cover of the boat trader that looks to be in great shape.I think it is on pigeon lake.
  3. brian#115

    New member needs advice Thanks

    [ BRIAN115 - How is the PCS liking the 260 Good Anthony it is just broken in and i still have low comp heads on it.i want to change the heads and chip and i will see how it does.but it still runss 100 the way it is no problem. hopefuly everyone can get out for a run soon
  4. brian#115

    question about STV boat

    That motor is a 49.9 cu engine and it is around a 78-80 and has the old style ign and carbs on it.It could be a 75hp or a 70hp engine.The first thing to do is dump that old ign and carbs and put the primer 75hp carbs on it and the newer ign system.We raced those engines on deltas and voodoos in the 80's and they ran them on tunnels in se class and they ran 70's to 80 but they are fun to drive.
  5. brian#115

    New member needs advice Thanks

    Hi there Brian i also live near you on scugog and i have a stv pro comp with a 260 .There have been afew in the trader this year but i think you should look at the one Paul has,he is a good guy to deal with.but RT and Anthony are the guys you want to talk to, i think they know of every stv in ontario.
  6. brian#115


    i just blow them up early in the fall so i can take it all apart and leave it like that till spring .then in spring i run around at the last minute before a run trying to get it all running again . just kidding i have been winerizing boats for most of this month and i for one am sick of it!
  7. brian#115


    well that seagull wont do that again ,i sure tought him! i had the boat out and it is fine vibration was gone must have just got weeds in the prop.
  8. brian#115


    i had it out on the weekend with very little wind and it was good.I think it is mostly my driving and not using enough trim or trimming it in too soon i had no problems running it at 100 and it felt good.That is till i hit a seagull at 95mph,that left a big mess on the deck and it has a vibration that i have to sort out now .
  9. brian#115


    no Riches boat will out run mine.i have driven both and his pulls harder than mine does.plus his did 115 with two of us in it last year,so once he gets it sorted out it will fly. the problem is i need the jakeplate to get in and out at my lake .even at my dock i have to put it all the way up and trim it up to keep it off the bottom. I make it a rule to check over everything before i take it out including all the mounting bolts and the steering .i am a mechanic and this is my toy so i over check everything i would say. i will be going over the boat again on saturday so i will let you know what i find
  10. brian#115


    [ Maybe trim was to negative? i did try trimming up and it didnt help .normaly if i lift the jackplate up and trim down abit it runs the best and i might have to just bump the trim up if it starts to bounce .my motor runs level or trimmed under just abit and the boat flys very level like that .and it doesnt always hop this was the first time it did this with this motor.it was bad for hopping with the 200 but the bigger motor wasnt doing it till monday.i think the balance is off because it was better with a full load of fuel .
  11. brian#115


    i have a procomp and i know they all do it, but on the weekend mine was hopping so bad i couldnt get it to set at all .on the sunday i ran some big numbers 110 and a 116 and it felt good, it hopped abit around 105-110 but i bummped the jakeplate up and it stopped and was fine .Now on monday i had less fuel on and could not get it to stop hopping so i couldnt get it over 85 . There was no wind on the monday and sunday was windy but it ran fine with or into the wind.should i try adding weight to the left sponson?it seems to rise more on the left .i would realy like to get it to stop doing this because it is realy scary at higher speeds .
  12. brian#115

    river rocket for sale in Ontario CDN

    how much for the lifeline i am loking for one! please let me know asap kneedown@bikeracer.com also some prop prices as well .send me you phone number and i will give you a call
  13. brian#115

    STV (Charger) in the Yard Again

    Anthony i have a set of lower mounts as well if you need them and they are local to you ,i can bring them to my work in whitby if you want them. p/s thanks for Al's number i bought his motor and we even put it on up at his place after he took me out for ride on couch to watch the big boats leaving for there poker run .and the boat works great now,i think the gearcase made a change how it handles i ran 92 on gps with no problem and the jack plate all the way down and trimmed level. so 100 should be no problem with some setup.i would love to see 110 in this hull.
  14. brian#115

    Attn GPI re: Merc Cleavers

    i have a pro comp with a 2.4 200 and i am looking for a prop for it .right now i have 30x14.5 lab cleaver that i borrowed and it pulls 6400 with that .so i was going to look for a lab cleaver but i would like more info on these props.how would it be against the cleaver?
  15. brian#115

    Battery Question

    i still need a 30 cleaver did Blake get his back yet ?because i have money burning a hole in my pocket so i would like to find one soon.