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  1. STV LTV rear seat

    Would like to buy a rear seat for my 1985 STV LTV. May just have one made up, but thought I'de check if any were available. Thanks
  2. 1985 STV Mod VP

    Anyone know of a rear seat for sale that will fit this? Thanks
  3. 1985 STV Mod VP

    I postd on here a few years ago with my '85 STV. Last summer I bought an 1985 Merc 2.4 Bridgeport EFI fully rebuilt and CLE. Need to do some tweaking, but should be running strong this summer. Right now I have a 28" chopper on it but need more prop. Thinking a 30" chopper would be perfect. Any thoughts? Was having trouble with the tach, so I couldn't do too much last summer. I hit 81 mph on gps, would like 90's and ideally crack 100, but not sure its feasible. Thanks

    Just bought a 1985 STV Mod-V with a 1978 Merc 150. I picked it up last week and took it to the lake right away to try it out. Super happy with it, hit 75 on the dial, not sure, but it felt fast. Looking forward to next summer, and getting more seat time. Any tips on set-up, performance upgrades for the engine, comments in general are welcome. Thanks