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  1. This boat was custom built for Ray Leach. It has the latest console that Jack builds with a glove box. Cable steering on a F-1 mid, sportmaster lower and 2005 3.3 E-tec Monty powerhead with a custom made cowling. Boat runs 112 on the limiter with a 34. Tandem trailer, no brakes, full cover that also covers the engine. Hate to sell but I bought an original Mod VP about the same time and not enough time to enjoy them both. $29500 pictures here http://s1245.photobucket.com/user/th.../STVrrEvinrude Tim 919-889-2201
  2. I think it would be a great combo. 80 should be no problem and the fuel economy will be excellent. I have a RR with a 3.3 etec and love it. The only limitation with modern engines is rev limit but since your speed goal is 80 you should be good.
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