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  1. New STV Mooring cover. I had enough material and had 3 made. I used one for my boat and have 2 left The cover is made with 9oz WeatherMax fabric in Black and motor hood is also sewn on. This will fit a River Rocket and see no reason why it wont work on a Euro or Pro Comp. It fits nicer than the photos. I threw it on quick so I could get a photo. $550. Shipped lower 48. 603-568-4166 Here is a link to photos on S&F http://www.screamandfly.com/showthread.php?239814-STV-Mooring-Cover&highlight=
  2. I am listing my 1998 STV Euro For Sale. It has the Ski Bottom. It has a low Hr 1993 2.5 260 HP Mercury under a Mariner Drag Cowl that was rebuilt by Jay Smith. I replaced the Digital Merc ECU with one of Tony Brucato's more user friendly ACU Computers. I had tony set the limiter to 8,500 RPM'S. 20" Off Shore Mid with Sportmaster small shaft lower. Manual Jack Plate. Gaffrig and Livorsi Gauges. GPS Speedo (that works) with recall, 10K Tac with recall, Dual Pyros, Dual Temp, Fuel, Volt and Fuel gauge. Also has SS marine manual trim gauge. The Interior was all white and I had Gray and Maroon inserts put in. The boat is in very nice cond. The trailer is a 2003 Hustler galvinized trailer. New alloy rims and tires. Sea Star pro Hydrolic steeering. The boat will be sold with one prop. I have several to choose from. We are on a small lake and every time out too many boats or Marine Patrol. The only time the lake is not busy is when I am working. I haven't had much seat time in it. I don't need to sell so its not a fire sale. I only want to sell as package as I will use it if I don't sell it. It is at the lake on the lift. Photos were before I put my NH bow numbers on it. Also has a full mooring cover. I have posted a few photos and I will try and get some more on Tue. The price is $22,000 . Call My cell and leave a message i f I don't answer. 603-568-4166 I may take cash and trade
  3. The Boat Is SOLD 1990 STV Pro Comp Turn Key. It has the Mod VP Bottom. The boat has had fresh paint this spring in 5 basecoat clearcoat colors. I also had the interior done to match. The boat has Nordscog Gauges an polished bezels. I have photos before and during the paint. The motor is a Modified 1992 2.5 Carb and I have slips listing the mods and when they were done. The mid is a 80s off shore no can with a 200 lower with a Bobs cone and LWPU. More photos http://s289.photobucket.com/albums/ll213/1moomba/ I have not had much seat time as it has rained every day I have tried to use the boat or to many boats around. I have run 93 at 6500 with a Mazco RE3 30 pich. and ran out of lake. I have bought a 28 and have not had time to try yet. I have been told it has run 96 with the Mazco 30. This includes a Hustler trailer and full Sunbrella Mooring cover. Price includes one of the props your choice. I am asking $12,900 Turn Key or $9,400 without power. I have over $3,800 in paint and interior. I have come across some investment property and need to sell. I may take a trade and CASH. H 603-736-9641 Cell 603-568-4166 LOWER PRICE $11,900 Turn Key $8,400. No Power Update Sept 3RD I have run about 40 gallons af fuel in the last couple weeks and got some more seat time. I tried a 28 worked Chopper that I bought on S&F and ran 88 at 7,000 RPM. The boat handles and drives great with this prop. I also ran a Mazco RE3 30 and the best I ran was 93 at 6500 RPM. I have been told it has run 96 with the mazco. I had about a half of tank of fuel running these numbers. The 28 runs better as an all around prop. I would think a 29 would be the ticket.
  4. I have a friend that has a body shop do the 5 colors. I did all the prep work and just had them spray it.
  5. I just finished refinishing a 1990 STV Pro Comp. It has a Modified 2.5 200 Mercury. I put it in this weekend and trying to get some seat time. Water has been a little choppy. I ran 88 on GPS with full fuel and 2 people but had to back off because of lake conditions.
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