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  1. Battery location?

    Mine is Port side..
  2. Euro Swim Step

    You know, I'm not really sure If I can remember, I will take a look while running at slow speed(s). -NC
  3. Euro Swim Step

    The Dimensions are; 5" Tall, 8" Wide, 4" Deep. And it's 1/2 inch Aluminum. -NC
  4. Lets see who owns the STV's

    Hey Steve, (we have met before in Havasu, I'm one of Kevin Krafts bodies here in Sacramento) I can't find anywhere that I said I raced? Ok, maybe a Ranger Bass Boat or two.. LOL -NC
  5. Euro Swim Step

    The last owner had it build in Vagas (where he lived). I don't have any other info then that. Sorry! But I would bet that a good machine shop who works with aluminum could build you one. And it's held on by threw bolts. -NC
  6. Euro Swim Step

    Yes, It is aluminum and the coating is anodized red. In the sunlight it looks just like anything else anodized nice and sharp -NC
  7. Euro Swim Step

  8. Euro Swim Step

  9. Euro Swim Step

  10. Euro Swim Step

    I just bought a digital cam so I can now post a couple pix of my swim step. I was asked if I had a few in a past thread.
  11. Lets see who owns the STV's

    Sorry ProComp, there is nothing stamped on it. From what I was told, the last owner had it made in Vegas. -NC
  12. Lets see who owns the STV's

    ...that is the same view I get to see everytime I walk into my garage -NC
  13. Lets see who owns the STV's

    ProComp, Yes, that is the boat from the Vegas area. I have only had the boat out twice and have only run it up to 7300. The boat had a 28 cleaver on it when I took it out the first time. I really like the feel of the 26 over the 28. It should run tripple digits and it gets there pretty quick. I will post my speed and rpm when I leg'er out! -NC
  14. Lets see who owns the STV's

    Here is a pick of my 98 Euro with a 93 bone stock 260, running a 26p ET.
  15. 92 Pro comp set up?

    BoatMaster, That's cool you picked up that 28.. it should out pretty well on that boat. Kevin K. really likes the Yahama's. I dunno if we are going to the show this year or not yet.. We had a good time at the last one.. so just might!