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  1. GDL

    2000 Euro ski

    I went to a friends shop and have a 28 hoss prop and a 29 srx that they let me borrow to try out. Thanks for the reply hydrovector any help is and maybe your right about the weight of the Johnson. I'm curious if a cleaver would work well on this still boat and what size? Hydrovector what set back do you have and do you run a hydrofoil or any other type plat for better holeshot? Thanks
  2. I have a 2000 Stv Euro Ski and a 99 225 Johnson with a bobs 6" jackplate and bobs added low water pickup and torq tab. I have a Mazco Re3 30 pitch prop that came with the boat and the hole shot is horrible. When you go to take off it gets up and some times you have to get out of the petal and get back into it along with trimming it up to get off plan. The midsection is relived with a exhaust snout and also drilled above the cavitation plate and i was just curious what any thoughts where in trying a different prop such as brand size etc? I don't race but i'm looking for a all around good prop to run with so me and my son can enjoy the water. I love the boat and its what i wonted for along time i also like to mention that this site is great! I forgot to add that once on plane she will hall a-- and the nose of the cone is just about even with the pad. Thanks
  3. GDL


    I have a 2000 STV Euro with a 1999 225 Johnson stock except for the relived exhaust on the midsection and lower unit. My question is if you were going to use an Etec do you have to relieve the exhaust in the midsection or would it work fine as is? I love the Etec's and have always wonted to know if you could run as is or have to relieve. I hope this isn't a dumb ?????
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