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  1. Well I guess since this is a STV owners forum, all of us have owned and drove them, and I am sure that all will agree, we love them, they are a blast. Rex isn't speaking of your everyday stv picklefork tunnel hull
  2. Crimson merc

    Fuel tank

    Looking for a 28 gallon fuel, like that came in wally's River rockets. Any help would be appreticated. Helping a fellow RR owner out here. Justin
  3. Have heard those bblades run really good. Not from personal experience but from a very seasonal stv owner.
  4. Dang it didnt take long for him to get a motor on her and on the water.
  5. 10-4 i bought one from speed & custom, then i realized i wanted the type that you can pull up when you need to use it. I cant think of what the name of them are?
  6. I know personally dixon doesnt own one anymore since his blowover.
  7. Ahh ok, thought he done got himself a triad... Whats going on with him? Use to see him post all the time, guess he got lost at a bar..
  8. Didnt Gilmore have it? You trade the v21 for it? Justin R
  9. What kind of handle is everybody putting on the seat fairing on a RR to make it easy to lift? Thanks Justin R
  10. Don't know how close you are to jacksonville, fl but check in with jack barsh on the fairing, he has good prices.....Did they make a ProComp in 96?
  11. Thanks for the input. Gary thats a bad lil ride you got.
  12. Hey does anybody know of anybody making premade river rocket covers? Thanks Justin R.
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