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  1. bfindley

    15" 260 merc on river rocket

    Thanks for your reply Larry, this weekend we are going to lower the motor, distribute weight differently, and test three different props... and then test...test...test! The porpoising was at 55 mph, and I think it's because prop wasn't hooking up properly, due to set-up. Again, thanks Larry.
  2. bfindley

    15" 260 merc on river rocket

    I have a 15" 260 mounted on transom set at 1 1/4" above pad, I can't get the bow to raise enough to stop the porpoising, I have a merc 14 1/2" x 30" cleaver on a sport master. Do you guys think the engine is too high or maybe a little cup added to the prop? Thanks, Bob
  3. bfindley

    Cable-Pulley Steering.

    River Rocket Owners, I am going to install cable-pulley steering in my rocket, this will be my first time installing this type of steering and was looking for some advice, instruction, tips or any help I can use! If anyone could post some pictures of their installation, that would be very much appreciated!! Thanks Bob. P.S. This steering will be connected to a 260 ss Merc.
  4. bfindley

    Jack plate

    Check-out Hydrodynamics, they make a great jackplate. Bob.
  5. bfindley


    Hey guys, I wanted to know if there are any stv get-together events ever planned, and if so, where are most events held? Thanks. Bob.
  6. bfindley

    STV River Rocket

    Larry, thanks alot! you have helped me with the history of this boat and I do appreciate it! If you have any additional information about the Carpenter built boats, I would certainly be greatful. Thanks for your time and help. Bob.
  7. bfindley

    River Rocket

    Thanks Lucky, my windshield is painted on and I think the vinyl is a great idea! Having a black windshield on your color scheme boat will look great! Post a picture after you get your windshield done. Bob.
  8. bfindley

    STV River Rocket

    Administrator, were the Carpenter built boats made in Mississippi with the first three letters of the serial numbers being 'TIA'? Would you happen to know who built river rockets with the first three letters being 'TIU'? My rocket is a '97 and begins with 'TIU', Thank you, Bob.
  9. bfindley


    Lucky, that is a gorgeous STV, have you had time to run it yet? If so what kind of numbers are you getting and what weight lay-up and motor set-up? I appreciate it. Bob.
  10. bfindley

    STV River Rocket

    Lucky, Do you think the Carpenter brothers were the builders right before Triad? Thanks for the comment! Bob.
  11. bfindley

    River Rocket

    Thanks guys for the comments, the next project is to mount the 2.5, and set-up everything! Probably won't happen until next spring. Again I want to thank you guys that have helped! I'll more than likely be asking more questions about these awesome boats! Thanks Bob.
  12. bfindley

    merry christmas

    Happy new year to everyone! Bob.
  13. bfindley

    River Rocket

    STVDrive, here is a picture, not the best, but its all I have at the moment. Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it! Bob
  14. bfindley

    WHo asked if STV's blow over..........

    We really enjoyed the Mod-Vp races, wish they were back! One of the most exciting and competitive races we ever saw was the factory shoot-out, in St.Louis. Watching Chris Bush and Al Stoker battle it out was amazing, and of course the rest of the drivers were gunning for the top prize! All of the top boat builders were there and represented well! Let's revive Mod-Vp!!! Bob.
  15. bfindley

    STV River Rocket

    STVdrive, Do you happen to know if and where on a '97 rocket there would be a manufacturers name, I know where the serial numbers are located. I wanted to know if Triad or others actually stamped their name on this particular year and or model. This boat has the Summerford sticker but as you know any sticker can be applied. Thanks alot, Bob.