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    1998 STV Euro 2.5 JSRE 260

    FYI. It has been sold.
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    Thanks Mike. I hope you don't mind that I use your picture? If you did not live so far, I would really like yours. Like the colors. Dave.
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    Still looking for an STV EURO. Will be traveling from Toronto, Ont. Canada south to Florida in Marchfor 5 weeks. Would like to pick one up in the U.S and bring back into Canada. Looking for a 93 to 98 Euro rigged with trailer, NO POWER. Willing to spend up to $8,000 depending on year and shape. Call 705 764-1281. Ask for Dave.If I have put this post in the wrong area?? Please forward it for me proper allocation.
  4. opmope

    Help! STV Euro History, New Owner?

    Any Info Please -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got an answer to a thread of mine on FBC. Was told that the all white with yellow and red accents picture in the Uship link posted in my original thread was not the 98 Euro sold from Mississippi? They seem to think the boat in question is in the Muskokas? Which is perfect because that is where I'm from. I can't believe that there is no history on this boat from all of you STV fans. No one has seen this boat before? If it is not the 98 Euro in the Uship picture, What year would it be? Any leads would be great. I know this is a long shot but I really like the colors. Thanks Dave.
  5. opmope

    Help! STV Euro History, New Owner?

    If you find it, it would be greatly appreciated. Dave.
  6. http://www.uship.com/shipment/STV-Eu...ler/443086621/ Hope his link works? Wanting to find out if any of you knows this boat? What is it's history and does anyone know who the new owner is? The boat was bought in July of 09 and delivered from Biloxi,Mississippi to Buffalo, NY. If the link does not work. It is a 1998 Euro. All white with two red strips and yellow accents in between the red strips. Has 1999 Johnrude on it? Any help would be appriciated. Wanting to see if he wants to sell it? Thanks, Dave. 705 764-1281.