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  1. egotsofas

    2004 STV Euro For Sale

    twohey@nexicom.net please include price thanks
  2. egotsofas

    getting started

    thanks you have been good help now i can focus on euro
  3. egotsofas

    getting started

    i love the look of the euro size does matter as well this is good info what do you think of the stv river racer i think thats what its called ? one tunnel hull that is not far from me sidwinder owns the hull design 86 with 89 2.4 merc do you think the older boats are ok or do i go for newer i have also been on scream&fly as well it is good site thanks
  4. egotsofas

    getting started

    looking for a boat that will be fast 80-90++ would like it to be reliable motor $10000-$15000 with trailer what should i look for and what are the best combos new to sport have had lots of bigger stuff bowriders ....